Wednesday, June 30, 2004

When it comes to panache I can't be beat/
I got the most style from below 14th street

*The new Beasties is growing on me...contains CentralVillage's lyric of the year thus far (above).

*On the issue of rap lyrics...How about that love for the Fed and the DA...In Jadakiss' new single, "Why," he asks the question "Why did Bush knock down the towers?"

The word "Bush" from that lyric is getting censored from Clear Channel radio stations...who own half of all Hip Hop stations in America. Is that really necessary? What is CC's excuse for doing this? Censorship on the radio is usually excused when it is to protect children from sexual and violent references...but censoring something on political beliefs deserves a lot more attention that it's getting in the press...But of course...Clear Channel owns many of the major media outlets they're not gonna report it...And as such, the 1st Amendment comes down like a house of cards...

*Howard Stern stepped up his fight today against Clear Channel for taking him off the air for speaking out against Bush earlier this year. He hopes to have a serious influence on his listeners to go out and vote for John Kerry in November.

*Dizzee and The Streets tonight...looking forward...After party at Bar 13? Free Sparks and Red Stripe? Tonight? Maybe. I'll let you know what I find out. Till then...

UPDATE: Sparks Party was last internal organs let out a sigh of relief.


Poor Mary-Kate Olsen. To be honest, I don't know what's going on with her...If she’s in REHAB rehab...then that’s fine...but I'm sure as shit not gonna take Star Magazine’s word for it. I've heard the stories as well...I'm sure Mary-Kate may have done coke at her boarding school...well, guess what...EVERYONE does Coke at their boarding school. Just because you have done, or even do coke does not mean you go straight to rehab...squares.

Anyway...It looks as if AOL has been dealing with plenty of its own unsavory characters as of late. WeatherBug and WildTangent, in particular. I downloaded the newest version of AOL IM the other day...and whattayaknow? Those motherfuckers put Adware on my computer! I spent all night trying to get rid of it...but it always pops back up...I completely got rid of AOL IM and am now using Trillian...which is awesome, but I gotta play around a little to get used to it. I consider this about as low as a company can go to make money...trash their customer’s computers just to make a profit...and AOL has sunk this low. Shame on them...They should expect a lawsuit.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Rumors abound about the imminant death of the Curiosa Festival. This would seriously piss me off...Am really looking forward to this, not so much for the Cure, but more cause of Interpol, Muse and the Rapture...major bummer if this turns out to be true.


via Cameraphone...
 Posted by Hello reports a new device that lets you pick what and who you are going to dream about before you go to sleep. As creepy as it sounds...gotta admit you'd like to try it...maybe once? Just to see if it works?

The man above is not using the device. He passed out on a pile of promotional tote bags at the Megastore while sampling the new Wilco CD.

Quick Morning Notes...

*The new Cure album came out today, and I am not instantly enamored...will try to let it grow on me, as many of my favorite albums have...but my first listen is very mediocre.

*Haven't mentioned North Shore yet on far the worst show ever...Worth watching just to see how bad television can be...Skinamax without the's that bad.

*Re: George W. Bush...First the funny, then the real.
If anybody knows an undecided voter, or a Bush supporter who isn't sure to support him anymore, please pass along the second link and tell them to catch up. It's some serious shit. You can give them the first link too...but they might not think its funny. Not everyone goes for anal rape and dead puppy jokes remember...

* I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 this weekend...much better than I expected...Moore really tried to stay out of the spotlight and let the story tell itself I least more so than in Bowling for Columbine, which I had mixed feelings about. I hope everyone watches this...Democrats obviously...and if you're a Republican and you're avoiding watching it, you're in least hear out the other side...we've been hearing your side exclusively for 4 long years.

*If your excuse is that you don't want to go see F'heit 9/11 cause you'd be giving Michael Moore your money, then download the movie for free below using bit torrent:

Fahrenheit 9/11 screener

I don't care if Moore gets away...I just want as many people as possible to see it.

*Finally, on a cheerier note, if you're ever bored at work and looking for a laugh...The Best of Craigslist is about as good as it gets for killing time. Check it out.

Monday, June 28, 2004

One in, one out...

Well, with Lollapalooza now out, another long rumored festival moves in. I spent one third of my palooza refund on tickets to Little Steven's Underground Garage Festival. You get 13 hours of the old and the new of garage rock...from The Stooges and The New York Dolls to The Mooney Suzuki and The Strokes...all for $20...or half the cost of what you'd usually pay to see The Strokes alone. Great fucking deal...and it's on a Saturday which means people will actually go. This will be the sleeper event in America this summer...Good times had by all.

Of course the sleeper event around the world is The Oxegen Festival in Ireland. I'm leaving one week from today to head to London...then from there to Dublin, where the most incredible lineup ever is playing over two days. Can't wait.

This week I've got Dizzee Rascal and The Streets Wednesday night @ Irving, then maybe The Bravery @ Bar 13 Thursday if I can squeeze it in.

Finally...details are scarce as of now...but some night in the near future there will be free Sparks and free Red Stripe from 12-1am at bar 13...A more perfect night for JER there may never be.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

It's been a long time since I last woke up with cigarette burns in New York...

What a night last night...Sorry for the melodramatic post before...I still think that shit is weird, but whatever...That's just the way it is.

Before I forget...Great story from last night...
My friend *name withheld* meets this girl...Friend of a friend...Hang out, talk, flirt, dance, doin it up...

Anyway...*name withheld* and this chick...Everything is going great...They get into a cab to head back home...And that's when things get a little peculiar...

Here's the conversation (more or less) we had at 3AM last night when *name withheld* called...
Me: Hello?
NW: Yo, that girl is a fucking weirdo
Me: huh?
NW: She put her seatbelt on in the cab...and she told me to do the same...Said that "these things can be very dangerous!"
Me: What???
NW: So we were making out...Strapped in...
NW: And then she wouldn't come upstairs with me...Said it wasn't a good idea...Which it TOTALLY was. She just went home.
Me: Sucks dude...wanna come over and play video games?
NW: Yeah...I'll be over in a minute.

So me, *name withheld* and Ciaran sat around till the sun came up playing baseball and watching the Dead's Winterland DVD...An perfect end to a very interesting evening.

UPDATED: *name withheld*, tho he doesn't even read this shit, is scared that my vast influence over the internet will soil his name...So I have willingly removed it from this post.


I cant win...the whole fun of writing this shit is the anonymity that it entails...I like being able to talk out to people I don't know...The only people I talk to are friends of mine...and I love my friends...but writing this shit is an escape that is incomparable...anyway...I wanted to take some friends out to do something sick of the same old bars and the same old scene...It gets old I thought I'd check out the Misshapes that I've heard so much about...drag some friends out with the promise of an open bar and good music. We had a doubt...great time...then Ciaran points out that he knows this chick who’s there...and everything falls apart...

I have my friends...they're great...but they don't read this shit (I mean nobody does, but I try and purposely keep this away from people who know me in real life.) The best part of writing this is to say whatever the fuck and not have to answer to anybody afterward...Then Ciaran introduces me to Karen...

Great what she does...I think what her and Sarah do for people who dream of partying in NYC and starfucking rockstars is just unreal...Reading someone’s comments from Ohio or Australia on their sites is a really really cool thing...I mean people actually want to be these live their lives...and that’s just amazing...

Anyway...Its just so odd to find connections like this...I dunno why...It happens all the time in New York...but it was nice for the last few weeks to have a totally separate escape from the real world...Now there's just this odd feeling that the world is smaller than I was pretending it was...And that’s just the way it is.

Knowing about people outside of the context of how you know them...Picturing two people who have totally seperate lives knowing each other...Thats just really weird...I really don't even know how to say what I'm trying to say...but it blows my mind.

I'm done for now.

I'll be back at Misshapes again next week I'm sure...and Ciaran will be the one dragging me out to it this time...what a wonderful world.

Funny story about seatbelts in taxicabs tomorrow...that’s all for tonight. If you're reading this, I hope you had a happy happy birthday, KarenPlusOne.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Beautiful Girl, Love the Dress...

No business posting right now...have a liter of Fiji next to me and a quart of revive in the fridge for the morning...Cat Power in the east side park somethinganother tomorrow, then in Brooklyn at night playing Neil Young Songs...hope I feel up to it tomorrow...but I can't say for sure right now...hopefully I'll be OK for misshapes tomorrow night...

Met a great girl buddy Roberto's friend from who knows where...Poconos I think...anyway...great girl...reminds me of Misha Barton with a perfect amount of meat on her bones...this is a good thing...she's a great looking girl...and really chill on top of all that...can put up with the random humor which is a huge plus when hanging out with me and Roberto. Not saying I have a chance, or I'm gonna even gonna talk to her again...but it's nice to meet new people/.

Started making up MY summer mix...fuck MSNBC...that pissed me off...

I'm not promising all new or unknown bands...just a collection of songs I see myself listening to through the summer...Stay tuned...It'll be fun.

It’s late...the sparks has worn off, and the champagne has kicked in...Goodnight to all.

Friday, June 25, 2004


Ya know, I hate to sound like a snob...but I was floating around the internet and came across a column on called Soak up the Summer Sun with these Songs...Cute title...good alliteration...I'm kind of curious what this guy thinks will be the hot songs this I’s a summary of the list:

“Margaritaville,” Jimmy Buffett (1977)
“Surfin’ Safari” (1962), “Kokomo,” (1988) The Beach Boys
“Under the Boardwalk,” The Drifters (1964)
“Brown Eyed Girl,” Van Morrison (1967)
“Hot Fun in the Summertime,” Sly and the Family Stone (1969)
“Summer In the City,” Lovin’ Spoonful (1966)
“Girl From Ipanema,” Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto (1964)
“Summertime Blues,” Eddie Cochran (1958)
“Born to Run,” Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (1975)
“I Can See Clearly Now,” Johnny Nash (1972)
“Three Little Birds,” Bob Marley and the Wailers (1977)
“No Shirt No Shoes (No Problems),” Kenny Chesney (2002)
“California Sun,” The Dictators (1975)
“Quiet Village,” Martin Denny (1959)

Now, aside from the ultra hip Kenny Chesney song from 2002...I dunno...I dunno what even to say...Who needs a list like this? A cruise ship director would get fired for this playlist. I really wanna know...who is searching the web, looking for some summer jams, and comes across this list feeling helped out in any way...You'd have to be deaf not to have heard these songs to death already...get a clue.

He's even lame enough to even give a little blurb about every song...Like he’s actually enlightening his readers...shit like

"...Berns also produced the sublime “Brown-Eyed Girl,” wherein Morrison’s perpetual cloudy countenance was replaced with a sunny grin. You can literally hear Van the Man smile as he breezes through honeyed memories of a summer love gone by."

Eric! This isn't necessary...there is no more analysis to be done...the songs are all 30+ years old...and not very complicated to begin with...

This annoys me because that column could have just as easily been filled with 5000 words on some up and coming bands that really could use the press. Instead the middle aged twits who read this article will just continue to think that their generation was the greatest, and ignore the musical accomplishments of their children's generation. Too bad, cause there's a lot of good stuff out there.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

I have a real camera also...I swear...

via Cameraphone... Posted by Hello

I just never bring it when I need to.

I saw Keane today at the Megastore...and I have to admit they are growing on me. I still feel they are leagues away from Coldplay...actually remind me more of Crowded House to be honest. They are blowing up in the UK...#1 on the charts I hear...and tickets to see them tonight at the Knitting Factory were fetching upwards of $100 dollars each on I couldn't pass up a chance to see what they are all about.

I called up my mother to see if she was interested in checking them out...She had had a rough day, attending a friend's funeral, and I thought it would cheer her up. I was also curious to see her reaction to them...She has good tastes in music (was listening to U2 before anyone I knew)...and is always interested in what’s new. She liked them, but wasn't crazy for them either. I think they sound plain and consistent enough to appeal to a broad audience, but are talented enough to not scare off the musical purists. Much of the same appeal that Coldplay holds...but Coldplay is a much better band.

One final side note. Over the last week I've seen a number of new bands on the verge on blowing up. The Bravery has a way to go, and Franz Ferdinand may have already reached the top, but it's still exciting to see a new young band perform in a small venue...especially the way they act and interact with the crowd. To see Keane surprised by the small but interested crowd at Virgin, to the nervousness on the faces of The Bravery and The Killers setting up their equipment, it is really exciting to see a band who is still humbled by the terrifying procedure of putting on a live show. I hope for the best for all of them, and am thrilled to be a part of their growing process.

Here are some video clips of Keane (Check the bottom of their website to listen to the songs):

Keane - Somewhere Only We Know

Keane - This Is The Last Time

Oh, as for Jonny Lives...

By the way...Jonny Lives was pretty darn good...Even tho the lead singer looks like Luke from the OC... Posted by Hello


Jonny's hair is messier

Killers attack Houston!!!!!!

via cameraphone... Posted by Hello

Well, you could hear the buzz from Bedford Avenue to Ludlow Street...The Killers were finally back in town, and they played an intimate show at Mercury Lounge last night. For a band that cracked the Billboard top 60 their debut week, they played a surprisingly small venue, with surprisingly little hype. At 7:00, the line to get in was already around the block...and the band wasn't scheduled to go on till 10. No tickets were available ahead of time, and there was no re-entry once you got in...Which may have scared away some, but still they slowly let people in...Around 8ish, they stopped. The line snaked down the block and around to Ludlow, but they didn't let anyone else in unless you're on the list...The list must have been very long, cause the place was no more than half full at this point...oh well...Sucks for those who got turned away, but they should've had a little more goddamn foresight.

Anyway, The Killers played a great set. I'm not gonna go into details, but they have a great, laid back vibe. For the music they were playing, it was all very non-aggressive. Imagine Morrissey playing a set in Las Vegas. Brandon Flowers has a great stage presence that feels very natural and intimate. I guess you gotta see it to understand maybe...but it's quite the opposite appearance you'd expect from a band called The Killers who sound the way they do. They dont look like the rockstars you'd picture.

I got a chance to talk briefly to the members of The Bravery, who were at the show as well. I complemented their set from Saturday, and we talked for a minute about what they're up to. Very nice guys...especially the synth player (with the glasses) whose name I don't remember. Check them out next Thursday at Bar bar from 10-11 and some 2-4-1 deal other times, and now I hear $5 at the door. Still not bad.

Anyway, finished off the night meeting up with some heads...Steve started drinking again...which is actually a lot better than it sounds...and now I'm hungover at work doin what I do.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


In my training with the new paras, I was joined by the full spectrum of Long Island chicks. There was the really skinny one with gigantic eyes and dark hair pulled back in a headband...Then there was the pale, freckly, average looking barrel that you'd nail if she was all over you, but you wouldn't go out of your way for...Finally there was the Lindsay Lohan look-alike...Tan with freckles, long dirty blonde hair, big tits, round shoulders, descent face. That about sums it up for me. Thought it was funny...In other news...

Woke up this morning to the videos for The Killers, Britney, and Muse...Great way to start my day...No Cold Pizza cause of Wimbledon...Thank God. I think that show really makes me dumber in the morning...I only watch it for like 20 minutes each day, but I can't imagine what they fill that show with for 2 hours daily...Somehow, I can't stop watching it when its on tho...Like sticking it out with a friend you're sick of cause you're a nice guy and scared he wont find anyone else to hang out with...Sad :(

Finally...Coolfer Glenn had an 'eh' impression of hot British Band of the week...I listened to their songs and was blown away by one of them, and bored by the others. Razorlight!!! Make more songs Like Golden Touch! It is awesome! Listen to it below:

Razorlight: Golden Touch

Phew...long post...Finally...Jason Productshop posted a new Fiona Apple song...been waiting for her album forever...Her first two rank pretty high up on my all time list to be honest. Rachael Yamagata has filled the sexy throaty female singer need as of late, but Fiona is in a class by herself, and her new album (whenever it may be released) will be very welcome. Have a listen below:

Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine


Real quick cause I have training, but the Killers are playing at Mercury Lounge tonight at 9:30...but get there earlier cause the place will fill up. This is the last time you'll ever be able to see this band at a venue this small, so take advantage of it god damn it! I saw their video for somebody told me on MTV this looked like the vines "get free" video...but it was nice to hear them out there...gotta head back to class...till later././

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

You're still hotter, Mary-Kate!!!


Mary-Kate Olsen has entered a treatment facility for an eating issue. It's sad, because this was totally brought on by everyone saying that her sister was hotter...which is bullshit anyway. Details as they come in...


below is the torrent for the 6/17/04 show I was at last Thursday. If you've never used bit torrent before...

*Download This: Bit Torrent

*Click on This:

It may take a while...Best to leave it on overnight...It should be done the next morning.

While you're at it...Download this Muse set from Australia:

Sydney Big Day Out Day 2
24th January 2004

And the New York Dolls in London:

New York Dolls
"First Night of the Living Dolls"
Morrisey's Metldown Festival
Royal Festival Hall, South Bank London
16th June 2004

Thats all for now!

I got all the torrent links off Sharing the

Monday, June 21, 2004


A long, exhausting weekend lead into a long exhausting Monday. Friday was an awesome show at Volume in Williamsburg. Hot, yes, but the crowd didn't bother me a bit. I had a total blast. I know there are the spoilsports out there who hated it, I would hope they'd loosen up and try and have fun next time. Great band to see live. As hot as it was, It just felt right with the music they're playing...

Saturday was a brief stop in Brooklyn for Liz's BBQ, then back to the city for the Benzos/Bravery show...Benzos couldn't get into, tho the drummer was a standout. Following them I finally got to see The Bravery. They were as good as advertised. I'm looking forward to watching them grow from here to the bigtime...Its inevitable. Today I worked...Spent a lot of time debating the state of the NY music scene. I still think that if you're not hot, sweaty, jumping around and singing at a show, either the band sucks or you suck. Plain and simple.

Wednesday is the Killers at Mercury Lounge...Get there early, cause the place will fill up. Also the band going on before them, Jonny Lives, has a song featured on MVP baseball 2004 for Xbox! It's not a great song, but whatever...It's a good conversation starter...(That game also featured a StellaStarr* song, as if it needed any cred.)

Jonny Lives - Get Steady

Friday, June 18, 2004

Busy morning after a day off...real quick...

*Phish @ Keyspan was OK...very wet...I love them in the studio, not a fan of them live (blasphemy, I know)

*Franz Ferdinand back at Volume tonight after all...and tickets are back on sale, at the door only I presume.

*Lots of buzz re: Sons and Daughters opening for FF tonight...have soundclips below off their website:


Johnny Cash

*Tomorrow Rachel Yamagata Is at Joe's Pub @ 7:30...Bravery @ mercury 11:30...plan accordingly

Thats all for now...

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


I got to the megastore at around 6:00 to already see a line around the block of young, Franz Ferdinand fans. I wasn't about to wait an hour and a half on the street to see them, so I went home. Noticed that both FF AND The Killers were on late nite talk shows last night...Conan and Kimmel, respectively. I watched Franz Ferdinand, and have to admit I wasn't too impressed. Didn't seem to have too much energy, and "Take me out" didn't sound all that great. Save a few leg kicks here and there, not too much going on. I'll assume they were saving their energy for Friday at Warsaw (no longer Volume...Fire code issues).

Couldn't stay up for the Killers..tho I tried...but because of the finals, it was pushed back to after 2...

What else...I dunno...Oh yea
Scissor Sisters...early favorite for album of the year IMO, covered "Take Me Out"...not bad...they certainly give it a new face...via Stereogum:

Scissor Sisters: Take Me Out

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

These people are evil

The people who run this country are evil evil human beings. They act with total disregard of the people of America, and solely in the best interests of themselves. Krugman has a column in the times today which outlines just how sinister and dangerous John Ashcroft is.

Read the column


Thanks F.U.B.A.R

Monday, June 14, 2004

As if you needed another reason to hit up the Megastore tomorrow...



Two big albums dropping tomorrow as well in the US. The Beastie Boys first release in forever, To the Five Boroughs is coming out, and although I've heard mixed reviews, I'm sure its worth a listen.

Bigger news (for me) is The Killers long awaited debut, Hot Fuss. They are already all over the place, and the album was released in the UK last week. Give them a listen if you somehow havn't already


Franz Ferdinand

As you may have noticed, I have added a sidebar listing the shows I'm planning to attend this summer. This week is pretty busy...Franz Ferdinand twice maybe, Phish once, and the Bravery once maybe...if they show up, and I feel like going.

Franz is playing a free show at Virgin Megastore tomorrow early evening. You gotta bring a copy of their CD, or buy one to get in. Its gonna be packed, so if you wanna go, get there early.

Taking the day off from work Thursday to chill out at Coney Island and see Phish at Keyspan. Looking forward to seeing them again for one last time.

Friday is Franz Ferdinand for real. They're playing a sold out show at Volume in Williamsburg. Should be nasty.

Saturday night The Bravery is playing at Mercury Lounge. Can't get tickets ahead of time I don't think, but I'll give it a shot. I still recomend these guys wholeheartedly, so check um out.

Click here for some Bravery MP3s

Friday, June 11, 2004

Gone for the weekend...

Been a slow week here...Going away this weekend with the fam, but I'll pick up the posts next week. Got a lot of music coming up.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


If I wanted street violence in my life, I'd move to the boriqua.

Seriously...Bank robberies? Dead bodies in dumpsters? Bouncers beating the shit out of skinny hipsters? Not to mention the murder at POP a few weeks back...What's going on here?

Friday, June 04, 2004

Just wondering...

How do I say this...

When will ironically wearing a trucker hat become ironic again? I'm talking about people wearing them as a statement against the people who wore them ironically in the first place?

Classic Bush

Via Atrios, I saw the link to Bush's outreach page to the Hispanic community. Its in Spanish, which is nice for them, and it shows a nice picture of Dubya in a Cowboy hat, not unlike one that a Mexican might wear, which shows that he can relate to them. Then at the bottom, they ask "Soy", where they are to fill in what they consider themselves.

They are given 4 choices:
War Veteran
Senior Citizen

Those are the only four options. There is not even an "Other" box to check. I think that sums up the Latin community to the GOP pretty well. What about other cultures that Bush might reach out to?

Rapper/Music Mogul
Fast Food Employee
War Veteran

Jewelry Salesman
Senior Citizen

...I think I've made my point. These guys are ignorantly racist...And it makes us all look bad.

Here's to the guys who made ripping off Pearl Jam popular


Alas, I find out via Stereogum, that Creed is no more. There is an announcement on their website announcing the breakup. Now of course they were a horrible band, but did you realize they sold over 30 million records??? That is an unreal amount. Normally I couldn't care less, but like it or not, they were a significant part of the miserable 1990's music scene. 30 million ways to level out your coffee table.

The only good thing about having a Republican president is that all the great artists and musicians rise to the top. This is prolly cause they lost their real jobs, and had more time to focus on their craft. Think about it...When unemployment was at 2.9%, every creative type had a well paying job making shitty web sites. Now they're back to sharing that loft in greenpoint with 7 other people...And that's, of course, where the magic happens.

Thursday, June 03, 2004


Been looking forward to this for a long time. $8 ticket, starts at 10:00. Two other bands are playing as well, The Madison Strays and The Izzys. Lets just hope the band shows up this time


So yesterday we had a lil birthday party for Meena at the office, and I get back to my computer, and go online look up the champagne we had...But the sites are blocked...By some sort of web blocker with the tag alcohol. Strange, never seen that before...Then I goto! SPORTS! FUCK! They finally caught up to me. I'd say 75% of the sites I frequent are unaffected, but there are some big ones that'll be tough to get through the afternoon without...Meena got it too, and is pissed her is blocked. No good...No good.

Last night I finally got out, went down to the much anticipated Bravery show...Only to walk into an empty Rothko to hear they had cancelled the day before. I was pissed, but nothing I could do. We went to Schillers for a drink, Molly and Ciaran talked about advertising while I squinted.

Up next was The Delancey, which despite what I had read, and what they told me on the phone earlier, was not an open party, nor was it the opening night. Phhooey..We didn't get in, despite Ciaran recognizing some methed out whore inside, and giving the most half assed attempt at buying his way in I've ever seen(A limp, disinterested, straight out offer of $20 got not only a serious laugh from the chick at the door, but also an awkward moment of silence when she realized he wasn't joking...)

The rest of the night went fine...7B then HiFi...Got to hang out with an old friend, Mike, who's back in New York. This morning I woke up an hour early, sweating and hungover, with Junior Soprano running through my head...Can't shake that shit with just one night of heavy drinking. Tonight is a poker tournament and an undisclosed location...I'll let you know how I do.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Delancey opens tonite...

I might go check it out after The Bravery show, since I'll be down in the area. No website tho, which I think is just dumb in this day and age. Especially when your club is trying to appeal to the hipster/blogger/LES youth scene. For shame, The Delancey.

This page makes it sound pretty chill, and it looks like their big party will be Thursdays. I would expect bands Like Stellastarr and Ambulance LTD to play it every so often, since it's getting pimped by their management company. If I go, I'll tell ya how it is, and let you know if it'll be worth checking out in the future.

You should call and wish Linsday a happy 18th birthday on July 2nd...

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(347) 596 4309

Credit to

One down, three to go...

The Sopranos are burning a hole though my skull...I finished the first season this evening, and I went out to Blockbuster to get the second one. Bit Torrent is taking too long, and I had nothing to do tonight, so I figured what the fuck. Tomorrow is The Bravery at Rothko...The headliner is this band called Madison. They're not bad...from the one song I heard...female vocalist...doubt I'll stick around for them tho, but we'll see. I put an MP3 below. Anyway, first time out in forever. Above all else, I think I need a night away from the family.

Madison - Radiate Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Next Big Thing: The Bravery

The Bravery

This Wednesday The Bravery will be playing at Rothko. If you have any interest in The Killers or The Strokes, you WILL like these guys. They are gonna blow up in a big way real soon, so keep your eyes open. I'll be there tomorrow to check them out. Below are a couple MP3's off their website:

Honest Mistake


No Breaks

"Honest Mistake" hit me just like the Killers' Somebody Told Me did the first time I heard it...A great great song. Enjoy

Sopranos week may not last the week

It was fun and everything...Watching 9 straight hours of the Sopranos yesterday...Really it was...I couldn't picture a better way to spend a shitty grey and wet day off...However...I had the most fucked up dreams last night, and doubt I got a good 2 hours of sleep. That shit really takes over your brain. I think I'll be able to finish the first season no sweat, and I'm sure I'll watch the second season too...But I got a job and a life with friends, and this shit is already wearing me out.

This week is officially Sopranos week

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Today I scrapped the Pulp Fiction idea and decided to start something that was about 5 years overdue...I started watching The Sopranos from the beginning. I never watched the show before this season because I really never got around to it. Then I gave in and started watching season 5. Its been great, but I've really been missing out on a lot not knowing the backstories and everything. This week is catch up week, however. I'm already 8 episodes into the first season, and I'm gonna try and watch as much of the series as I can before the season finale next Sunday...I'll watch the rest of season 1 tomorrow I'd imagine, then I'm gonna try and download the rest of the seasons off Bit Torrent. We'll see how far I get before Sunday. I should have started this earlier this weekend, and I'd prolly be able to make it. By the way, I started this blog on one of the most uneventful weekends of my life. If anybody is out there reading this, I just might have some stories to tell in the future that don't revolve around me laying around my apartment all day...So stay tuned