Monday, May 31, 2004

What a shitty day...

Disgusting day outside...I realized I hadn't left the apartment since I got back from the movie Saturday night...So I went down to Bagel Bobs for a Sandwich...I honestly don't mind a weekend like this every once in a while. Just chill out, don't do anything, sleep in late, watch movies and play videogames. It's alright sometimes. At least you know what to expect. Gonna go lie down and finish watching Pulp Fiction I think...Been meaning to watch it again for weeks now. It really is the most influential movie of the last 10 years. Between the movies that have tried to rip off its style, and the countless pop culture references that it has formed, nothing comes close. You aughta watch it again sometime if you get a chance...It still holds up.

Sunday, May 30, 2004


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New Music Sunday: Murs

I'm gonna try to highlight what I'm listening to every Sunday...Since nobody's reading this yet, I'm gonna keep it kinda mainstream...Murs is not new, but he's not particularly well known as far as I can tell...He's got the best command of lyrics I've heard in a long time, and his new album "Murs 3:16" Has quickly became my most listened to hip hop CD these days. I can't find any legit MP3 links on the web, but I found a video of one of his older songs...You get a sense of what he's all about. He's on Real Rhapsody, which I strongly recommend to anyone who listens to a lot of music on their computer. I'll give my piece on Real Rhapsody at another time, but for now, enjoy the VIDEO, and check out the NEW ALBUM.
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Oh, and the previews...

2 good ones...Alexander looks like Oliver Stone's attempt at the Oscar...Why else release a movie in November? I, Robot looked Meh...Then there was this interesting one with a grey haired Tom Cruise who takes a Taxi around LA one night and kills a bunch of people...Looks promising...

Dennis Quaid will get some serious Oscar buzz out of this one...

Well, I have many issues with this movie...And many people will state the obvious about the poor script and the dumb plot holes...But my biggest gripe is...

That was not Manhattan getting destroyed!!!!!

Any New Yorker worth his weight in spit is aware that Manhattan is more than a library, a Statue of Liberty, and an Empire State Building. They spent upwards of 200 million dollars on this shite and they couldn't even make an convincing model of NYC??? Now, I wasn't expecting the tidal wave to roar down University Place or anything, but there are a few more noticeable landmarks in New York besides the Empire State Building. Taking a generic cityscape, molding it into the shape of Manhattan, and plopping the ESB in the middle is not acceptable. I work in One Penn Plaza...One of the tallest buildings in New York, and literally blocks away from the ESB...No sign...No Conde Nast building a few blocks north, no buildings in Lower Manhattan that looked recognizable...Nothing...Now, the only reason I went to see this is to watch my hometown get destroyed...And I cant even get satisfaction out of that...wack.

The highlight was the speech by Dick the fictional VP, at the end of the movie. I wish I had it word for word, but it was about third world countries, and how we are grateful to them or something...I cant describe it any better, because it made NO SENSE WHATSOEVER...And for a scene in a movie like this to stand out as being the worst, this is saying something. If I can find the script online, I'll post the speech word for word...It's a classic.

The real best part of the movie was near the beginning, where the president is getting briefed about the impending doom, and as the final word is being spoken to him, he says to the VP, without hesitation..."I dunno, what do you think?" Hands down the most realistic scene in the movie...and got a chuckle out of the fellow central villagers.

If anybody reads you know how to make a blogroll? I'm very new to this (obvs), and I wanna do it right...drop a comment and help me out if you know how...or email me. Whatever works for you.

Well, Its saturday and i'm drunk...nobody's in the city this weekend, so i'm maybe gonna go see "The Day After Tomorrow" at 1:00 if I dont hear from anyone before them...Right now I'm drinking a screwdriver from some leftover vodka from whenever listening to "The Very Best of Ocean Colour Scene"...What a fucking band, if I say so's a picture of Toots...cause I only have so many pictures on my computer right now...and he's one of them... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I'm going to try to update this once a least...if you come across this, spread the word.