Wednesday, June 16, 2004


I got to the megastore at around 6:00 to already see a line around the block of young, Franz Ferdinand fans. I wasn't about to wait an hour and a half on the street to see them, so I went home. Noticed that both FF AND The Killers were on late nite talk shows last night...Conan and Kimmel, respectively. I watched Franz Ferdinand, and have to admit I wasn't too impressed. Didn't seem to have too much energy, and "Take me out" didn't sound all that great. Save a few leg kicks here and there, not too much going on. I'll assume they were saving their energy for Friday at Warsaw (no longer Volume...Fire code issues).

Couldn't stay up for the Killers..tho I tried...but because of the finals, it was pushed back to after 2...

What else...I dunno...Oh yea
Scissor Sisters...early favorite for album of the year IMO, covered "Take Me Out"...not bad...they certainly give it a new face...via Stereogum:

Scissor Sisters: Take Me Out


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