Friday, June 04, 2004

Here's to the guys who made ripping off Pearl Jam popular


Alas, I find out via Stereogum, that Creed is no more. There is an announcement on their website announcing the breakup. Now of course they were a horrible band, but did you realize they sold over 30 million records??? That is an unreal amount. Normally I couldn't care less, but like it or not, they were a significant part of the miserable 1990's music scene. 30 million ways to level out your coffee table.

The only good thing about having a Republican president is that all the great artists and musicians rise to the top. This is prolly cause they lost their real jobs, and had more time to focus on their craft. Think about it...When unemployment was at 2.9%, every creative type had a well paying job making shitty web sites. Now they're back to sharing that loft in greenpoint with 7 other people...And that's, of course, where the magic happens.


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