Thursday, June 03, 2004


So yesterday we had a lil birthday party for Meena at the office, and I get back to my computer, and go online look up the champagne we had...But the sites are blocked...By some sort of web blocker with the tag alcohol. Strange, never seen that before...Then I goto! SPORTS! FUCK! They finally caught up to me. I'd say 75% of the sites I frequent are unaffected, but there are some big ones that'll be tough to get through the afternoon without...Meena got it too, and is pissed her is blocked. No good...No good.

Last night I finally got out, went down to the much anticipated Bravery show...Only to walk into an empty Rothko to hear they had cancelled the day before. I was pissed, but nothing I could do. We went to Schillers for a drink, Molly and Ciaran talked about advertising while I squinted.

Up next was The Delancey, which despite what I had read, and what they told me on the phone earlier, was not an open party, nor was it the opening night. Phhooey..We didn't get in, despite Ciaran recognizing some methed out whore inside, and giving the most half assed attempt at buying his way in I've ever seen(A limp, disinterested, straight out offer of $20 got not only a serious laugh from the chick at the door, but also an awkward moment of silence when she realized he wasn't joking...)

The rest of the night went fine...7B then HiFi...Got to hang out with an old friend, Mike, who's back in New York. This morning I woke up an hour early, sweating and hungover, with Junior Soprano running through my head...Can't shake that shit with just one night of heavy drinking. Tonight is a poker tournament and an undisclosed location...I'll let you know how I do.


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