Tuesday, June 01, 2004

This week is officially Sopranos week

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Today I scrapped the Pulp Fiction idea and decided to start something that was about 5 years overdue...I started watching The Sopranos from the beginning. I never watched the show before this season because I really never got around to it. Then I gave in and started watching season 5. Its been great, but I've really been missing out on a lot not knowing the backstories and everything. This week is catch up week, however. I'm already 8 episodes into the first season, and I'm gonna try and watch as much of the series as I can before the season finale next Sunday...I'll watch the rest of season 1 tomorrow I'd imagine, then I'm gonna try and download the rest of the seasons off Bit Torrent. We'll see how far I get before Sunday. I should have started this earlier this weekend, and I'd prolly be able to make it. By the way, I started this blog on one of the most uneventful weekends of my life. If anybody is out there reading this, I just might have some stories to tell in the future that don't revolve around me laying around my apartment all day...So stay tuned


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