Sunday, June 27, 2004


I cant win...the whole fun of writing this shit is the anonymity that it entails...I like being able to talk out to people I don't know...The only people I talk to are friends of mine...and I love my friends...but writing this shit is an escape that is incomparable...anyway...I wanted to take some friends out to do something sick of the same old bars and the same old scene...It gets old I thought I'd check out the Misshapes that I've heard so much about...drag some friends out with the promise of an open bar and good music. We had a doubt...great time...then Ciaran points out that he knows this chick who’s there...and everything falls apart...

I have my friends...they're great...but they don't read this shit (I mean nobody does, but I try and purposely keep this away from people who know me in real life.) The best part of writing this is to say whatever the fuck and not have to answer to anybody afterward...Then Ciaran introduces me to Karen...

Great what she does...I think what her and Sarah do for people who dream of partying in NYC and starfucking rockstars is just unreal...Reading someone’s comments from Ohio or Australia on their sites is a really really cool thing...I mean people actually want to be these live their lives...and that’s just amazing...

Anyway...Its just so odd to find connections like this...I dunno why...It happens all the time in New York...but it was nice for the last few weeks to have a totally separate escape from the real world...Now there's just this odd feeling that the world is smaller than I was pretending it was...And that’s just the way it is.

Knowing about people outside of the context of how you know them...Picturing two people who have totally seperate lives knowing each other...Thats just really weird...I really don't even know how to say what I'm trying to say...but it blows my mind.

I'm done for now.

I'll be back at Misshapes again next week I'm sure...and Ciaran will be the one dragging me out to it this time...what a wonderful world.

Funny story about seatbelts in taxicabs tomorrow...that’s all for tonight. If you're reading this, I hope you had a happy happy birthday, KarenPlusOne.


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keep posting.


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