Monday, June 21, 2004


A long, exhausting weekend lead into a long exhausting Monday. Friday was an awesome show at Volume in Williamsburg. Hot, yes, but the crowd didn't bother me a bit. I had a total blast. I know there are the spoilsports out there who hated it, I would hope they'd loosen up and try and have fun next time. Great band to see live. As hot as it was, It just felt right with the music they're playing...

Saturday was a brief stop in Brooklyn for Liz's BBQ, then back to the city for the Benzos/Bravery show...Benzos couldn't get into, tho the drummer was a standout. Following them I finally got to see The Bravery. They were as good as advertised. I'm looking forward to watching them grow from here to the bigtime...Its inevitable. Today I worked...Spent a lot of time debating the state of the NY music scene. I still think that if you're not hot, sweaty, jumping around and singing at a show, either the band sucks or you suck. Plain and simple.

Wednesday is the Killers at Mercury Lounge...Get there early, cause the place will fill up. Also the band going on before them, Jonny Lives, has a song featured on MVP baseball 2004 for Xbox! It's not a great song, but whatever...It's a good conversation starter...(That game also featured a StellaStarr* song, as if it needed any cred.)

Jonny Lives - Get Steady


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