Saturday, June 26, 2004

Beautiful Girl, Love the Dress...

No business posting right now...have a liter of Fiji next to me and a quart of revive in the fridge for the morning...Cat Power in the east side park somethinganother tomorrow, then in Brooklyn at night playing Neil Young Songs...hope I feel up to it tomorrow...but I can't say for sure right now...hopefully I'll be OK for misshapes tomorrow night...

Met a great girl buddy Roberto's friend from who knows where...Poconos I think...anyway...great girl...reminds me of Misha Barton with a perfect amount of meat on her bones...this is a good thing...she's a great looking girl...and really chill on top of all that...can put up with the random humor which is a huge plus when hanging out with me and Roberto. Not saying I have a chance, or I'm gonna even gonna talk to her again...but it's nice to meet new people/.

Started making up MY summer mix...fuck MSNBC...that pissed me off...

I'm not promising all new or unknown bands...just a collection of songs I see myself listening to through the summer...Stay tuned...It'll be fun.

It’s late...the sparks has worn off, and the champagne has kicked in...Goodnight to all.


At 2:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are three things in the world that keep me going:

1. Mother fuckers from the ghetto who know how shit rolls.

2. Poppin a champagne cork in to a swiming pool while getting a blow job.

3. Bridgette FUCKIN Boyle!!!!! (I love you baby!)


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