Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Poor Mary-Kate Olsen. To be honest, I don't know what's going on with her...If she’s in REHAB rehab...then that’s fine...but I'm sure as shit not gonna take Star Magazine’s word for it. I've heard the stories as well...I'm sure Mary-Kate may have done coke at her boarding school...well, guess what...EVERYONE does Coke at their boarding school. Just because you have done, or even do coke does not mean you go straight to rehab...squares.

Anyway...It looks as if AOL has been dealing with plenty of its own unsavory characters as of late. WeatherBug and WildTangent, in particular. I downloaded the newest version of AOL IM the other day...and whattayaknow? Those motherfuckers put Adware on my computer! I spent all night trying to get rid of it...but it always pops back up...I completely got rid of AOL IM and am now using Trillian...which is awesome, but I gotta play around a little to get used to it. I consider this about as low as a company can go to make money...trash their customer’s computers just to make a profit...and AOL has sunk this low. Shame on them...They should expect a lawsuit.


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