Sunday, June 27, 2004

It's been a long time since I last woke up with cigarette burns in New York...

What a night last night...Sorry for the melodramatic post before...I still think that shit is weird, but whatever...That's just the way it is.

Before I forget...Great story from last night...
My friend *name withheld* meets this girl...Friend of a friend...Hang out, talk, flirt, dance, doin it up...

Anyway...*name withheld* and this chick...Everything is going great...They get into a cab to head back home...And that's when things get a little peculiar...

Here's the conversation (more or less) we had at 3AM last night when *name withheld* called...
Me: Hello?
NW: Yo, that girl is a fucking weirdo
Me: huh?
NW: She put her seatbelt on in the cab...and she told me to do the same...Said that "these things can be very dangerous!"
Me: What???
NW: So we were making out...Strapped in...
NW: And then she wouldn't come upstairs with me...Said it wasn't a good idea...Which it TOTALLY was. She just went home.
Me: Sucks dude...wanna come over and play video games?
NW: Yeah...I'll be over in a minute.

So me, *name withheld* and Ciaran sat around till the sun came up playing baseball and watching the Dead's Winterland DVD...An perfect end to a very interesting evening.

UPDATED: *name withheld*, tho he doesn't even read this shit, is scared that my vast influence over the internet will soil his name...So I have willingly removed it from this post.


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