Thursday, March 24, 2005

You can't do the same card trick twice...

I went out to see The Go! Team again last night at the Canal Room. I had been held up all day in my apartment because of the weather and was itching to get out and do something. Despite my negative reaction to their show on Monday night, I had to give them another shot. I mean, this was perhaps my favorite CD of the last 6 months. There has to be more to the live show...right?

There wasn't. It was the EXACT SAME SET. Except the drinks cost twice as much and the line was around the block. Even down to the between song banter, it was a complete rehash. I simply couldn't "awoop awoop" any longer. I stepped back and watched the set from afar. Everybody seemed to be having a good time. I noticed a couple of people shooting looks at each other as if to say "what the fuck is this?", but overall, people looked to be genuinely enjoying themselves. So what do I know? I just wasn't sold.

I say there's one simple remedy to fixing their show, and that is to scrap the backing tracks and get a trumpet player. I honestly think much would be fixed by adding this one live element. Let Ninja run the show if you want. You can keep everything else as is, but lose the recording and let us hear all the instruments. That's what I was hoping to see, and that would have been a great show. Hopefully next time. From the sound of their new untitled song they played as an encore, we'll be hearing and enjoying a lot more of these guys in the coming years. They'll get another chance from me for sure.


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