Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Spring Break!

From the look of it outside, the beach is out of the question.

I'm on a mini-vacation y'all. Not going anywhere, just taking a week off, get away from work, hang out around the city, whatever whatever. Very excited.

Seeing The Thermals last night was the PERFECT way to kick off a fake spring break. They are a ton of fun live, as anyone who has seen them can attest. Unfortunately, I was completely wiped after running straight from work to see Feist, then from there straight down to the Knitting Factory. I made it through the main set, bouncing around the balcony and singing along to songs I didn't even think I knew, but before we gave them a chance to come out for an encore, I was in the back of a cab heading home, drenched in sweat and about ready to fall asleep. I can't think of any other band that could have kept me that engaged last night. Great Show.

Kind of a pussy way to kick of Spring Break, I know. Home by 12:00 and right to bed. I'll get better as the week progresses.


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