Monday, March 21, 2005

Keeping up with reality

Pitchfork is a now a Blog! How about that? Good for them. I wonder if they're gonna start posting IM conversations and Cameraphone pics too?

Of course, just because the newswriters CAN post at all hours of the day isn't quite the cure-all for Pitchfork's biggest ails. I mean, having the ability to report the news in real-time does nothing to fix the major problem that their news is not just couple hours late, but at times several weeks behind other blogs (heh) scooping the same thing. So clearly this is a step in the right direction, and more importantly gives some legitimacy to the Real-Time/Blog format, which is nice, because it IS a pretty good format.

Did anyone go see the Robot and MTV hyped Band Hysterics at Crash Mansion Last night? Well, you can read their story and watch the You Hear it First bit here if you're curious. They're a group of High School kids from Brooklyn (my rival high school, in fact) who play Rouge Wave/Shins-esque pop. From what I've heard it's pretty damn good, too. They played their first gig Sunday at Crash Mansion to a crowd of swooning High Schoolers and proud relatives (one being a good friend of mine who is the lead singer's cousin.) For now these guys are a bit of a novelty, with Ollie the main songwriter being only 15 and all, but they are well connected and appear to have quite a bit of talent. Give them time and they'll surely have opportunities to prove themselves. I've been hearing about them from my friend for a while now, and it's pretty exciting to see people talking. I'd prolly go see then next time they get a gig together. You can listen to a couple MP3's At Music for Robots.


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