Monday, March 21, 2005

The Highs and the Lows

At 2:30 yesterday afternoon I thought I was the smartest motherfucker on the planet for predicting Texas Tech, West Virginia and NC State all going to the Sweet 16. But by the time Arrested Development came on, it was over. I was busted. Two of my Final Four teams (Georgia Tech and Florida) were bounced. I was just another sucker. But there was a brief time...for like 5 hours...when I was brilliant.

Besides watching a remarkable amount of basketball, I also got out to see The Name of the Play is Talking Heads Saturday night. It was good. Much deeper and darker than I expected, but it was extremely well written and highly entertaining. It's running through next Saturday and some tickets are still available.

Also listened to a lot of the New Fiona Apple Album (love it), walked around for a while on Saturday in hopes of maybe finding a new pair of pants (no luck) and ate about three quarters of a loaf of my roommate's father's banana bread (delicious). Not a particularly exciting weekend, but I got out of the house a little bit. It was relaxing.

Tonight there is a whole slew of shit going on, with The Go Team at Mercury, the Red Wine Boys at Pianos, Aqualung at Bowery and Queens of the Stone Age at Virgin Megastore. Tomorrow Feist is at Joe's pub and The Thermals are at The Knitting Factory. Wednesday The Go Team again at the Canal Room. Thursday they The Bravery are at Rothko and Friday The Kaiser Chiefs are playing Bowery. Most of these shows are sold out, but they are all really worth trying to get to. Actually, you could probably do without seeing The Bravery, but if you're planning on spending the summer talking shit about them, you really should see for yourself why they are so shit-talk worthy.