Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Some Future Shows...

Arcade Fire at Bowery is sold out already. That shit went faster than the Interpol secret show. Warsaw sells tickets thru Ticketmaster, so if you missed out on this one, start lurking over there from now on.

Decemberist front man Colin Meloy's solo set at the Fez will be going on sale "on Ticketweb only, tonight after midnight" according to a lady at the venue. Whether after midnight means 12:01 or sometime tomorrow is yet to be seen. They have been getting a lot of calls about this show, especially since Pitchfork mentioned it on Monday, so if you're looking to go, it'd be wise to keep a close eye on this. The Fez doesn't hold more than 200 people.

The Kings of Convenience, who play that lovely Scandinavian pop we all love, will be playing at Bowery for two nights, February 7th and 8th.

UPDATE: On the Mercury Lounge tip...Everyone's favorite band, Sea Ray, is playing on January 21st. Benzos is playing with The Dears on the 15th, and Death From Above '79 is playing on the 27th. It's always exciting to watch The Merc calender fill up month by month. Just like AAA get the rising stars (see above) and those just on the way down (see Tommy Stinson on the 29th). Good stuff.

For other upcoming shows, check out the sidebar for stuff I'm hoping to check out, or as always, the ever useful OhMyRockness for anything else.


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