Sunday, December 12, 2004

Quick Sunday update from LA

Got a minute on my buddy's roommate's computer...

I hear (via BV) The Arcade Fire are coming back to town Feb. 1st and 2nd. More Cowbell sez tickets should be going on sale Wednesday.

KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas was unreal. I can't believe I'm still staying this, but The Killers (!!!), despite not playing any different songs than they normally do, were the clear standout. They were wearing matching red velvet blazers and somehow filled the 6000 seat amphitheatre with energy and sound unlike any of the other 10 bands could do. It's amazing they can still do it for me after seeing them all these times. That is not to say the other bands disappointed, cause aside from Taking Back Sunday, who made for a perfect intermission, there wasn't a bad show throughout the whole night. Gwen Stefani came out for a surprise set, drumline and Harajuku girls in tow, and was entertaining I suppose. Her single's catchy, but the other one she did was downright atrocious. Whatever. It was a fun diversion. I'll go into more details when I get home, but what an amazing show.

Here's to Universal Studios, who sell bottles of Champagne in old school milk carton big gulp cups. $28 bottle of Chammers is better than a $9 bottle of beer. On the flip side, it’s kinda weird to see all these "indie" bands at a California Theme Park...but whatever. The theatre was pretty big, and we didn’t have the best seats, but the show ran like clockwork and we could see and hear the bands fine.

Tomorrow I fly back, then head basically straight to Bowery Ballroom for Broken Social Scene. Then BSS and Pixies Tuesday, then a whole lot more for the rest of the week.

More stories tomorrow. Take care of New York for me while I'm gone.


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