Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Diana Degarmo!

Everyone's favorite little chublet from last season's American Idol has an album out. Rapsodizing it now, and at first listen it's better than Ashlee Simpson's unlistenable piece of shit. Needless to say it's almost as bad, but not quite.

Everyone's abuzz about the Motley Crue reunion...blah blah blah...Any huge Crue fans out there aughta just hang around Snitch at the beginning of March. Odds are they'll be dropping a SUPRISE show there sometime around the MSG gig.

Anyone know the score on this College Music Awards show? For $10 I'd go see The Walkmen fer sure, but I don't wanna have to sit through 2 hours of Yellowcard praise to hear two songs. If they are playing a full set, I'm there like a county fair.

Should we be expecting a Jay-Z/Killers mash-up next?? Jigga named head of Def-Jam records.

Jess Coen reveals another IM convo with Drudge . Classic stuff.

After bombarding my Kinja for two straight days with archived posts, Lockhart Steele has updated his personal blog. Fun!

Took my first standardized test in nearly six years this morning...we'll get the results in about two weeks. It was good to see, however, the city is willing to pay 10 people to stand around during the test to do nothing. Rather be there than behind the grill at Wendys I'm sure. Well done NYC! At least somebody is still hiring.


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