Friday, December 03, 2004

The O.Come on…

What the fuck is wrong with Seth Cohen? He's at his best when he's being sincere and adorable…I can even see this as a dude. This season he's just being really fucking annoying. Like to the point where I think someone on the show should get mad at him and seriously tell him to shut the fuck up. His best moment last season was the Patrick
Park Coffee Stand. His best moment this year was when he wheeled the mop bucket in the wrong direction. Which do you prefer??? I think there's a problem here. He's becoming less of the main character he was heading towards last year and more of the comic relief sidekick…except he's not nearly as funny as he should be and is kinda depressing to watch.

The Killers were cool to see on TV. Didn't show much of them, and Brandon was especially banal and unanimated, but it was still fun. Of course they didn't show them playing "Everything Will Be Alright," because they NEVER PLAY THE DAMN SONG LIVE. Whatever.

One last note…Remember when there was, um, a plot for the kids in this show? You couldn't wait to see what would happen next week? This year everyone has their repetitive and predictable love quandaries, and that's all. Where's the action? Where's the excitement? I can't believe I'm saying this, but it makes me long for the days of Oliver Trask. And no, Zach punching Cohen next week doesn't count…

Let's go Schwartz! You can do better than this!


At 7:40 PM, Blogger Paige said...

I knew it! I knew they never played "Everything Will Be Alright" live because it's my fave song and I've never heard it and sigh. Is there any reason why they don't play it?


And I thought Cohen was becoming more of a main character.. there is never enough Mischa anymore, it's always Ryan and Seth. Not good.

At 9:47 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

I've seen them a handful of times, and I've never heard them do it. Same with ‘Believe me Natalie’.

And you're is all about the boys so far. Marissa and Summer are getting pushed to the side to make room for the new girls. I feel a better balance will come about as the show goes on...but more importantly, I need some DRAMA! haven’t we more or less had the exact same episode for the last 3 weeks? When is something new gonna happen??


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