Sunday, November 28, 2004

Gobble Gobble...

Back from the break. Didn't go anywhere, but I stayed off a computer more or less for the last 4 days...which was nice I suppose.

My long weekend was surprisingly subdued. Went out to see Nukfam at Southpaw Wednesday night, which has become the big annual reunion for my high school. Fun times I guess...hard to remember. Did get to see a good handful of people I used to be much better friends with who have faded away for one reason or another. It was nice to catch up.

Thursday I went to Jean Georges with my Mom and Dad for a delicious, tho extremely expensive Thanksgiving dinner. Everything I ate was beyond superb, but out of all the restaurants this city has to offer, there are other places with equally splendid food at a significantly lower cost. Still, it's very hard to complain. I had the Wild Mushroom Soup, an incredible Lobster Somethinganother, a perfectly cooked piece of Steak with potato puree, and various chocolate desserts. The wine was white and the champagne was bubbly...You'd have to ask my parents for details on that.

Friday night I trekked out to the dreaded Hoboken with a good buddy of mine who was back in town from grad school to go see Britt Daniel play his solo show. Once we got over the whole 'splitting cabs with strangers' thing, we got to Maxwells, which appears to be a restaurant with a space in the back about the size of Mercury Lounge. It was completely sold out and sweaty as hell inside, but I threw my coat in the corner near the merch table, which was a bit of relief. Anyway, he put on a good show, tho I kinda wish I was a bigger Spoon fan, cause I only knew a small handful of the songs he played. What I recognized was excellent, and the crowd was hanging on his every note and word, so I have to imagine the rest was equally good for a more knowledgeable fan. I don't think I'd go out of my way to hit up Maxwells again, but it's a good option to maybe see a bigger band play a smaller stage.

So that was the long weekend more or less. Saturday was just another blurry night out. Today I did a bit of shopping. Tonight I had some people over for dinner and stayed in.

There's a lot of cool shit going on the next couple days. Especially if you're keen to early shows. I'll get into it more in the morning.


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