Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Things to buy and do this week...

Well, The Nirvana Box-set is the big one. I considered going out last night and picking it up at midnight, but got wrapped up in something toally random and forgot till it was too late. Will stop by the Megastore on my way home to grab it. It's three discs of unreleased material and a DVD...even a casual fan should wanna check this out.

Tonight, one of my favourite English bands is playing their biggest American show yet at The Bowery Ballroom. Dogs Die in Hot Cars are headlining tonight, with Pitty Sing and Apollo Sunshine opening. I've already seen them a couple times this year, so I'm likely gonna pass, but they're a good live band that plays fun music. Strongly recommended.

Also tonight, Stereogum and Fluxblog are DJing at APT. It's one of the nicer clubs over there, and these guys should bring out a much more tolerable crowd. There's no cover and some sort of unspecified drink special. Should be fun. These guys, via their blogs, are responsible for introducing me to some of my favorite bands right now. Respect.

Wednesday night is NukFam's Third Annual pre turkey day extravaganza at Southpaw. Also known as my high school thuggery reunion. For those who don't know...you've got one of Brooklyn's finest underground/indie hip hop troupes doing their thing at my favorite music club in NYC. Call them the Wu-Tang of Park Slope. If you like hip-hop in the slightest, you owe it to yourselves to check these guys out. They make unbelievable music and ALWAYS put on a helluva show.

Friday, Britt Daniel from Spoon (and the master behind Interpol's stellar 'Slow Hands' remix) is playing a solo show at Maxwells in Hoboken. I've got my reservations about going to New Jersey EVER, but I hear it's a nice place to see a band, and the travel isn't much worse than it is to goto Brooklyn, so what the hells. Spoon isn't coming up here agin anytime soon it looks like, so catch Brett while he's near town. On a side note...the video for 'Everything Hits at Once' is one of my favorites of all time.

TV takes a week off for the holiday, so no Lost or OC this week. Is there really anything else on weekdays anymore?

As for the actual so-called Turkey Day (so last month, btw), my parents and I will be at Jean Georges on Central Park South celebrating peacefully in our own way, without any dishes or cooking or company or leftovers. I'm sure we, and the table of wealthy Japanese tourists next to us, will have a lovely holiday.


At 11:40 AM, Blogger holmes said...

went last night to virgin in union sq to buy the nirvana set. totally worth it. i'm loving it and all it's unreleased gloryness.


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