Monday, November 22, 2004

Weekend Post Roundup

Official league suspensions re: The Riot at Auburn Hills
Artest: Rest of the Season
S. Jackson: 30 Games
J. O'Neil: 25 Games
Ben Wallace: 6 Games
Anthony Peeler: 5 Games

I think they are all too tough, except Stephen Jackson, who should be out of the league. O’Neil for throwing one punch at a fan ON THE COURT? Come on. And what did Peeler do?

Here's a video of the whole thing (via janelle)

And, speaking of stories I'm sick to death of already...

U2 is officially playing in DUMBO today...Washington Square Park never came through, tho it apparently was their first choice. You don't need tickets anymore, so just show up. Should be quite an event. (via U2log)


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