Saturday, November 20, 2004


Here’s what I think…

Stephen Jackson should never play another game in the NBA. I blame him for the incident escalating to where it ended up. He was out to pick a fight with anyone who would react. Player or fan. Completely uncalled for.

Ron Artest should not get it too bad from the NBA. He acted very professionally, and only went into the stands when he was first assaulted. Trouble, yes...but if he gets hit harder by the league than SJ, I'll be very upset. His preexisting rep should not come into play.

Jermaine O'Neil landed the best punch I've seen since the first time Roy Jones went down. Anybody who comes onto the court starting shit with NBA players deserves to be taken out. Plain and Simple. Watch:

Ben Wallace doesn't get off easy. He's gotta pay for punching Artest after only a marginally hard foul. That initial scuffle should be viewed as a separate incident, however.

The fans who were involved should be identified and arrested.

Keep in mind Ben Wallace is my favorite NBA player, and I think Ron Artest is a bipolar maniac. I had no problem with Stephen Jackson before tonight. But it is what it is.

This'll be one of the all time great sports debates. There are so many different ways look at it.

All eyes will (or should be) on Chauncey Billups, Bill Simmons and Uncle Grambo (obvs) for their forthcoming reactions.

UPDATE: ESPN's Tim Legler, IMO, pretty much nails it on the head with this article.
UPDATE II: Here's the gif of punk-ass Stephen Jackson throwing the first punch at a fan...


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