Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Pitchfork is obsolete...

I couldn't believe it clicking over to Pitchfork this morning...supposedly the future of music magazines online...to see that the top, bolded headline today was Death Cab Sign to Atlantic. Whoh.

To explain, Coolfer was the first person I saw mention this...Sunday morning. By the time I got around to putting up another post here on CentralVillage, it was Monday afternoon, and I figured the news to be so old it was not even worth mentioning. Now, a full day after a completely uninformed outsider to the music industry (me) deemed this story old news, the cutting edge Zine that was to usurp Rolling Stone into the digital millennium was finally breaking with the scoop. Weak.

So have blogs totally made daily publications obsolete? Of course not...but I think before Pitchfork takes over the world, a very professional, fact checked, and organized blog will become the news standard. Likely it will be affiliated to an existing magazine such as Rolling Stone or Spin. Or maybe Denton will add a new music blog to his already gigantic empire and take over another area of internet. Who knows, but I am sure Pitchfork is already losing readers to the Productshops and the Coolfers out there, and it's only a matter of time till the zine will either shift blogwards, or completely fall off the relevancy map.


At 2:01 PM, Blogger c said...

thanks to you, brooklyn vegan, productshop, coolfer, stereogum, and fluxblog, I've pretty much stopped reading pitchfork. (ahem, shameless plug: junkmedia.org is still most excellent for reviews and interviews)

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