Monday, November 15, 2004

Feels like a bad day...

I dunno what it is...but I was so relieved to get a bunch of work out of the way yesterday, then I come in today and it's already piled all the way back up. Spent the whole morning thinking about when it would be the best time to quit, and how far ahead of time to announce. Ideally, I guess I'd want to have another job lined up afterwards, but I know realistically I won't seriously start looking till I set a deadline. Right now, I'm thinking Either Christmas Eve or New Years Eve, tho I have a feeling I'll be here much longer than that. It's hard to walk away from a good paying job with people you like...but sooner or later, enough becomes enough. Hopefully a laid back Thanksgiving week next week will ease me out a bit.

Last week I seriously spent about five hours total in my Apartment not sleeping. I've been working till 8 or 9 every night, going home real quick to change, then heading back out to a bar to chill or to a club to see some music. No rest for the weary...especially when Muse, Arcade Fire, and Interpol are all in town the same week. It's been busy, but whatever. This week will be a lot more of the same...except probably not as intense.

Tomorrow night is the superfantastic Movable Hype Show...The Fresh, Sons of Sound, Snowden, and Asobi Seksu at The Knitting Factory. Should be fun...Gonna do my best to get there before SoS, who I always seem to regrettably miss.

Wednesday I'm gonna go see Lali Puma with The Go Find at Mercury Lounge. Dreamy electroindie-pop...aka "Postal Service-esque". Loverly.

Thursday I got a ticket to The Magnetic Fields at Carnegie Hall. Also very chill...looking forward to having a seat for this one.

Finally, Friday night, Morning Theft is playing at Lit lounge. It's been a while...I really hope I can make it. They've been recording some new shit recently, and what I've heard is really good. This right here is a kickass tune:

Morning Theft - Living With Your Ghost

Here's another MP3 I came across this weekend.

Ben Gibbard - Complicated (Avril Cover) via Jeddeth

Also, here's a complete Arcade Fire Bootleg from Boston, recorded by Bradley's Almanac. (via Daily Refill)
(p.s. I thought NH #3 was the weakest song they played at Bowery last week. The one here sounds much better!)

Ok, one last consumer note...What are the odds that the two most influential forces of the early 90's are both releasing box sets on the exact same day? Nirvana and Seinfeld both drop on November 23rd...a week from tomorrow. The Nirvana Box looks amazing...Jerry's still on re-runs too often to make it worth the dough, but it's still impressive.


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