Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Plug in Baby!

Oh dear...Muse was great again...I realized this time how umcredible Chris the bass player is...really holds those guys together. The Zutons were very good as well...Very original, but still not a huge fan. They sound really old-fashioned. Enjoyed, but didn't love. Felt kinda bad they thought they weren't getting anything from the crowd...people seemed to like them from what I heard.

Didn't goto The Delancey after, but I heard it was a clusterfuck...I've never been to that place, but I always hear the worst things.

So I came home last night to a flooded kitchen and a freaked out roommate. There was a leak upstairs and it was seeping through the ceiling. Bad news. It's better now, but the whole place smells like wet plaster. Apparently during the day there was a massive flood throughout the whole apartment line down all the way into the lobby. Totally not my fault tho I swear...

Watched Dig! last night late night while I did some work I had to bring home. So good. I've recommended it to like everyone I talked to today...It's the kind of movie that makes me want to go out and make a movie myself. I listened to every BJM song at work today. 'Thank God for Mental Illness' is a fantastic album.

Tomorrow's the infamous Arcade Fire at Bowery. Can't wait. I may end up with an extra ticket, so if anyone still is looking for one, email me. Interpol afterparty at The Delancey supposedly...But we'll see about that one.

That’s about it for me...My new officemate apparently got fired I got the place to myself for the next few weeks. He seemed like a pretty together guy...wonder what went wrong. I'm gonna make a killer 'alone in my office' mix tho...


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