Monday, November 08, 2004

Strong Week

Tomorrow: MUSE and The Zutons...also Elkland and Chin Up Chin Up at The Delancey. If you don't have tickets to the first, hit up the second for sure...And a little band called Modest Mouse will be prolly playing to a half full Radio City.

Wednesday: Who Knows?? CUCU was supposed to play Rothko, but who knows if that'll happen...Clinic/Midnight Movies/Sons and Daughters has been canceled...prolly due to low ticket sales since they NEVER PUT THE DAMN THINGS ON SALE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Pedro the Lion are lovely...if you're itching for some music, that's the safest bet. I gotta work late that night cause the day after is...

Thursday: Arcade Motherfucking Fire Bitches! I had the foresight to craigslist my Thursday Interpol tickets for a Friday night pair...then snagged these up before the wave crashed down. Despite all the previous hype, I bet it shouldn't be hard to snag an extra ticket outside the Ballroom.

Friday: Interpol...Love um. How often do you get to see your 2 favorite bands in the same week? Well, twice this year for me, but usually not very often. Very psyched to hear Calla open for them.

By the way...when I get home tonight, I'm gonna throw up some new MP3's, including Dear Leader, Calla, Red Door Exchange, Asian Kung-Fu Generation and more... People get ready.


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