Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I feel sick

I woke up this morning in a daze. The TV blaring ABC World News Now (Ch. 730), which is BY FAR the best development of Election night. Looks like it's based in an off campus apartment at some tier II school. Their correspondents were all at bars talking to drunk partisans, but the best part was they were using WEBCAMS to do this...Like blurry, pixilated webcams...Remember the cameras in Iraq? Except they weren't on a tank halfway around the world...they were at a club in Dayton. All the people in the studio kept joking about how they were bored and wanted to go one point, a "newscaster" interrupted an "analyst" to ask if some computer guy in the background was SLEEPING! And he was! I bet their annual budget couldn't pay Peter Jennings dry-cleaning bill. It was some much needed unintentional humor to cap off a pretty depressing night.

Kerry just conceded. I feel sick and hungover...Yet somehow the world still goes on.

Slim to no chance I'll be able to make it to Elefant tonight, but I will be at The Futureheads later on. Maybe a night of heavy drinking will get rid of my massive headache and crippling nausea.


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