Tuesday, November 02, 2004


(7:35PM): I'm not gonna sit here and type all night I dont think. If I hear something everyone else isn't already saying, I'll post...but there's too much going on everyobdy can see on TV. Today was fun...Would have gone crazy today if I didn't keep up like that. Thanks for bearing with me.

(8:01PM): FUCK THAT...shit..I'm never getting off this...Jersey Bitches! A GREAT sign of things to come.

(9:08PM): You see the guy with the "FUCK THIS SHIRT" shirt in the crowd behind CNN wearing a T-Shirt...classy. Gotta admit we're getting nervous again...Prolly cause the networks are dragging this out. Florida looks bad, PA and Ohio look good still...other states look scary too. Can't we get some flaky exit polls out again to reinstill some confidence???

Ah, refreshing...Kerry is up 4 points in the Ohio exit polls…Florida is much closer. PA, MI, and MINN are towards Kerry. But If Bush's numbers hold, it means these exit polls may be biased towards our guy. Developing… :(

(9:36PM):New Info from Wonkette...Pretty good news.

9:10 p.m.

The birdies report, early returns:

PA and Ohio margins widening for Kerry
FL 50/50
WI 49/49

This is the stuff I need...The TV is driving me crazy.

(9:38PM): UGH. From Wonkette again...

9:35 p.m.

Hoarse birdies say:

Not 50/50 in Florida. White House very confident.

(11:12PM): Oy...

Forget Ohio, Forget Florida...This is gonna come down to Wisconsin...You heard it here first. Ohio is gonna go Kerry. Florida's gonna go Bush. Wisconsin is tied, and that cant go to Bush, or else we're finished. Kos reports:

"MSNBC exit poll indicates that the youth did not vote. The 18-29 bracket voted the same this year as in 2000, while 30-44 group was down."

This is when we start thinking that old "...what more could I have done" mantra. They didn't come out, and that's our fault. Very disappointing.

Just read Kevin Drum also agrees Wisconsin is gonna be the big one. The rest should go the same as 2000...except Ohio which I'm confident Kerry will pull it out.

(1:25AM):Fox calls Ohio for Bush. I hate Fox, but they're right. Carville conceded it. It's over. We are in a bad place right now.

Let me be the first to say that I do not blame John Kerry for losing this. He was a good candidate and he ran a good campaign. Hate to say this too, but Novak’s right...this is a Conservative Country. The Democratic party needs to shift even more to the right to win? Is that going to be ok? I don't think so. Can we bring it back? I don't see how. Is it even safe to live here anymore? Especially in New York? Now that we confirmed we accept this administration? Prolly, but I don't know. I don't know. This is very upsetting. Where do we go from here? Here?

(2:04AM): In 2000, I was strangely drawn to MSNBC and Chris Matthews. This year it was Wonkette. Thanks, sweetheart, for building me up before breaking my heart. She leaves us with this final note:

"Oh, we're going to start drinking in earnest in about five minutes, and after the bar closes we will empty the contents of our mini-bar into a pillowcase and suck on it until we fall into a dreamless sleep. This is pretty much the opposite of partying."

I know it's not over yet. There's a lot of mess left to settle. Dems are refusing to give up, which is risky in the long run. I respect the devotion to the cause. I don't know if we can deal with any more false hope tho. We're in worse shape now than we were in 2000. I've lost confidence, but I have not given up. They say if the Red Sox can come back from 3 down...We'll see.

These were the longest 12 hours of my life. Thanks for following along with me. Goodnight.


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