Friday, October 29, 2004

Following in the Footsteps of Phish

Quite randomly, I stumbled onto the Sam Champion website, who I've heard of many times but never actually heard. Anyway, they are playing at Mercury Lounge this Sunday for a big Halloween show, and they claim they'll be playing for their set, in completion, a top secret album cover from 1971! The only other hint is a "Glam Rock" mention. Should be fun! Who could forget Phish's legendary Halloween sets, playing jammed out classics such as The White Album and Dark Side of the Moon. It's a great idea...taking the concept of dress up to a whole nother level.

I love gimmicks. I'm a sucker for them. So I may go down and check this out if the candy is all given away at a reasonable hour. The rest of the weekend, tho, I'm making up as I go along. Just keep an eye out for a gigantic UGG stumbling around the Lower East Side on Saturday night...


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