Sunday, October 24, 2004

I had no idea so many people stay home on Saturday night to watch SNL...

Now I had an excuse...I was upstate with my Parents, my Grandfather, his new fiancé(!), and my little Cousin's family from Colorado. We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday cause we're rational people who can't be bothered with holiday travel...Kinda weird, I know...but we're not a sentimental bunch, and it's always nice to have the family all together, so we do it whenever we can. Was a weekend filled with Basketball and Badminton and Croquet and Whiffle Ball, with a little World Series watching as a night-capper. We ate turkey and stuffing and all that good stuff. A pleasant way to spend a weekend. My parents keep a very nice house up there.

So anyway...I don't drive, and I don't know anybody up there anyway, so after game 1 was over, I stayed up for a bit and flipped around the channels, finally settling onto the end of an awful episode of Saturday Night Live.

To interrupt for a second...I just saw an ad for the OC that claimed the show has "redefined a generation"...Now, I'm as big a fan of the show as anyone...but come on...sorry.

So I'm watching SNL, kinda dozing in and out, and I see Ashlee Simpson come on...and we all know what happens next.

Now at the time I was thinking this was pretty fucking cool to see. This may have "defined a generation" more than any episode of the OC that has come down the pipe of late...I mean, come on...I couldn't believe what I was seeing. How often am I watching SNL live? Never. However...I had no idea that every fucking blogger on the internet was watching as well.

So I thought I'd come home today, write all about this crazy shit I saw on SNL while all y'all were making out with transvestites at Misshapes...but, alas, it seems to already be a pretty hot topic on the internets...So I have nothing more to add.

Ummmmm....what else. American Dreams is becoming my favorite show on TV right now...and I'm not even kidding. Yeah, it's cheesy and simple, but I like it. Behind Lost, it's the only one I'm going out of my way to watch these days. The OC and 24 will be back soon, yes, but’s a keeper.

I had a pretty pitiful week in my NFL office pool this week...I was alright to start the season, but this week I got only 3 picks right. Just awful. I'm gonna start posting the spreads up here on Wednesday, and if anybody out there wants to throw me a fucking clue, I'd be much appreciated. If I actually win, I'll figure something out to give back. Please Help!

Not much going on this week...Grand Theft Auto comes out Tuesday, and I'm going to see my beloved Blonde Redhead Wednesday night. Other than that, should be pretty chill through the end of the month. Something always comes up tho...


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