Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Spread Lerche, it's the Brooklyn way...

Yup, that's it. I realize now, after hearing him say his own name about a half dozen times last night, it's pronounced 'Lur-kay', not 'Lurch'...So the pun doesn't really work. Figures.

So the show...Always a pleasure to be back at Southpaw. Love that place. Did not go in till right before Sondre went on...I'll tell you what tho...He's one good looking dude...and crazy talented too. Great guitar skills and a perfect voice. If there was a female artist out there who was that talented and gorgeous, I'd be in love. Shit, I mean...I fall for the regular looking ones anyway.

He walks such a fine line between being really shy and really cocky...kind of hard to read. Some of which is prolly cause of his accent. But works. He's an engaging dude...glad I got to see him up close.

Earlier that evening, right after work, I swung by the Megastore to pick up the OC Season 1, only to discover it wasn't coming out for another week...sorry if I got anyone else’s hopes up the other day...Virgin's fault for posting the wrong date. The consolation, (which is a gross understatement) was that Ted Leo was playing a free set in the cafe upstairs for all who happened by.

I stuck around for his entire thing (something I rarely do at one of these things). He was awesome, of course, which should come to no surprise to anyone who has heard the new album. I don't think there's any reason that, with the right marketing, he shouldn't be a big star. There's a reason why he's got such a strong fan base...He's personable and friendly sounding, but still maintains that edge as not to come off too soft. Shake the Sheets is his best work. Worth a buy.

In some sometimes oft-neglected neighborhood news, Curbed reported a couple days ago the Former Lakers star Rick Fox is taking a nice, hard look at moving into that $3.6 million dollar slum penthouse on University and 13th. Good luck dude...

Oh, and quickly...Brendon Flowers is a Mormon??? Biggest shock of the year?? Perhaps. He's also getting married apparently. Congrats.

That's it...Tonight I'd love to go see 5 of the funniest people in New York (Michael Ian Black, Michael Schowalter, David Wain, Demetri Martin & Eugene Mirman) rip shit up at Southpaw for the cause of Kerry, but the price ($40) is a bit up there. I'll instead prolly roll over to Snitch to watch the game and drink for free...Go Sox?


At 11:47 PM, Blogger Petra said...

I've also been to Sondre's of the best shows I've seen since I've moved here !! (Is it now too obvious that I haven't been here for decades...I hope not!).
This guy is truly amazing...I am a girl and I seriously consider marrying him...if he'd be maybe 3 years older ;-)
His voice was even more powerful than on his records...
By the way: I enjoy your blog...maybe see you on the next concert!

At 1:55 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

Agreed...He sounds a lot better in person. Not that I don't enjoy his albums and all...but he’s got such control over the music live that really separates him from the 358346 other singer/songwriter types out there. Was very impressed.


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