Friday, July 30, 2004

Developing the Ghetto of Central Village...

I read, via Curbed, that the Claremont Group is developing new condos on University between 13th and 14th. This block has always been a sore spot in the hood...Back when the old Wendys was in business, they had the foulest and most disgusting garbage sitting out back there. Now that's been replaced by a colony of heroin addicted kids who are usually getting ruffled by the cops as I walk by in the morning to work...Then when I return, there are people selling bootleg software, sunglasses, handbags and mangos on a stick. Not to mention the constant line of idling busses waiting to be dispatched...Honestly, not the most pleasant place to settle down in...And for 1.8 million, you can do a lot better in the area. Maybe the new building will help clean up the block...I will be curious to see. Either way, CentralVillage will be sure to swing by the open house on Sunday and see if 2000 sq feet in the heart of the city can make you forget about the bus fumes and the smack sleepovers...Stay tuned.


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