Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Listen Up

I'm bored at work, but I don't really have anything to say...so here are a bunch of MP3s and songclips from some bands you should check out if you haven't already...

Elkland - Apart

These guys are the tops...really sound like they are ready for radio...Opened for Elefant last week and totally made the Bravery look like it was their first time playing together. Apart isn't representative to the rest of their songs, imo...they sound very Smithslike live...and the lead singer clearly got his style and stage presence from the Mozzer...Keep a lookout for their album coming out soon.

The Bravery - Honest Mistake

When I first heard this song, I was blown away...It was right after I had started listening to The Killers, and I was convinced that this was their "Somebody Told Me"...It hit me the same way...Now I've seen them perform a few times...and though I'm still a fan, I feel like they got a long way to go before they are the next Killers. There is A LOT of talent in them boys...I'm excited and curious to see where they will be one year from now.

Saucy Monky - Don't Wanna Know Your Name

I saw these girls at Oxegen a few weeks ago on a wet and chilly Sunday afternoon. I had read something that said they were a girl duo...one from Dublin and one from New Jersey...There was nobody else playing that early I wanted to see, so I went over to the tent to check them out...and they were good! There were only 5 sets all weekend that I stayed watch the entire thing: Muse, The Strokes, Stellastarr*, The Shins, and Saucy Monky. That's some pretty great company to be in. Anyway...they're playing in Boston in October, and are hoping to get to New York soon. Keep an eye out...They are available on Real Rhapsody too if you're nasty like that.

Leya - Let's Pretend (Video)

When I was at Oxegen, I met a kid from Northern Ireland who was one of the nicest guys I've ever met. He was friends with some girls I was hanging out with from the Shins set, and we got to talking about music, politics, culture differences, and the such. Anyway...He mentioned his brother was in a band that had a pretty descent following in the Belfast music scene...so I made sure I got their website down...They are called Leya. I believe he mentioned they opened for Interpol once, and have played on some impressive other bills. They have a video for one of their songs on their site that's pretty good . Apparently, they're playing in NYC in Mid-October...Try to check them out when they get here...I'll put something up if I hear any other details...They are known back home for putting on great live shows.

Morning Theft - On End

Back to a little bit more familiar territory...Morning Theft are a New York band I had the pleasure to see at Lit last week. They sounded really good live...Lots of energy and a great sound...It's a relief to see a band play a set without all the showmanship and excessive bullshit too many NY bands seem to think they need to rise to the top...Good music stands up on its own, and Morning Theft are living proof of that. To be honest, I don't think the MP3's on their site really do the band justice...you gotta see them play to get it. They're headlining a show at Rothko next Wednesday with Dogs Die in Hot Cars, who I know nothing about, but I remember they played at Oxegen, so they're legit in my book. Check it out.

Thats all for now...Be sure to check out the band's websites if you like what you hear...all the MP3's came from their sites, and most of the bands have more stuff where that came from. Enjoy!


At 5:42 PM, Blogger n. said...

Jeff! Couldn't agree with you more on all points, especially where Elkland, the Bravery, and Morning Theft are concerned. I was at the MT show @ Lit also, wheren't they just so fucking together and great there? Most bands I know hate playing at Lit but it really worked for them I thought.

I'm sure we'll be at many of the same shows in the future. Come say hello!


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