Monday, July 26, 2004

A Blur

This weekend was a throwback...A bunch of friends from college came into the city and a shitstorm ensued...The details are fuzzy, but to be honest, weekends with college friends are usually a bit of a seems like people come to New York expecting to have sex with a model in the bathroom at Lotus...and when all they do is go out to a bar, play buckhunter, and get fucked up, they leave a bit disappointed...but this weekend was an exception. The nights out weren't really all that amazing to be honest...but the debauchery that ensued once everyone reconvened at my apartment was like being in college all over again...And in a good way.

Friday I had a hellish day between work and trying to dump my 4 Devo tickets with it pouring outside. I found someone on Craigslist who was willing to pay well above face, but I'd have to come down to their office in Soho and make the switch. I figured I could take a lunch and do it. I was then stuck with 2...Some dickhead told me he was going to take one off me for face value, but after 4 hours of me holding the ticket from anyone else who wanted it, he apparently got a offer for below face...and with that I was stuck with 2 again at 4:18...10 minutes before the doors opened...not to mention I had a brief going out, so I wasn't going to get out the door for at least another 2 hours...Screwed...If you're out there...Fuck You Al Goldstein Style.

Anyway...this post is getting long...I ended up getting out of work at 7, cabbing up to the park just in time to sell my extra to a guy for face value and catch the YYY's set...didn't stick around for Devo cause of the friends in town, but after selling all my extras, it came out to seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeah's for free and it didn't even rain...Good deal.

I don’t have the energy to go into detail about the rest of the I'll list the highlights...

*In the cab downtown later that night, I realize my friends never heard of we took a detour to Rothko which is the only bar off the top of my head that sells it...and I had remembered hearing about some hot euro band playing, so we went...Small crowd, but good Sparks...good band too, tho I was by then too drunk to really remember anything about them. I remember liking them for the most part tho.

*The next day we hung around my apartment and went to check out Ted Leo around 5, who was really fucking was that bandshell on the east river...hopefully they'll be able to put out more shows there next year. Then we met up with my buddy Stos and went to No. 1 Chinese, which despite it getting destroyed by every review, was really good. It made me think about all the good things people hate because its cool to hate it...I still think The Strokes are awesome, Titanic was a great movie, and No. 1 Chinese is one of the best Chinese meals I've ever fuck all you love lost in liking good things...

*That night I went to a girls birthday party in Tribeca, which would have been perfectly fun if some guy and his weasely boyfriend didn't accuse me of pinching this girls ass...which I obviously didn't do...(I was just trying to get through a crowd...) but these two fucktards weren't like trying to start a fight...there wasn't one moment where I felt threatened or anything...They were just kind of teasing telling me I don't get out much, and I read porno...and I just kept asking them like, ok...what else. Sooner or later they started asking for an apology, to which I said absolutely not...and that was really it...they left in a cab...back to penn station or the upper east side or somewhere they belonged. If I ever see them again...and they stand out cause one of them is going bald and really goofy looking...I'll have to remember to ask them about that...if their MO is to go around to bars and tease strangers with no threat of physical force...maybe fun, but kinda weird.

*Later that night consisted of Samba de Amigo and a $60 bag of gak from a guy off the street... (Not me kids...I don’t do drugs that don't come in an orange can)

*The next day was a private CentralVillage Screening (me in my living room with friends) of two of my favorites...Sleepaway Camp, and The Warriors. If you've never seen either, watch them now. There is no debate. Two undisputed classics...Then into HBO...which had a fantastic drug and Death Cab induced orgy...

*I know I barely touched on the crazy fun parts of the weekend...but they weren't the kind of fun that translates into words...Maybe they do, and I'm not a good enough writer to get it across...but whatever...I had a blast, and hope to do it again soon.

*Pretty quiet week coming up I think...Staying home and watching the convention mostly, leading up to Curiosa on Saturday...Might go out if something comes up, but nothing planned.


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