Monday, July 19, 2004

A Week in Advance...  
*Went to dinner with my Dad tonight at Yujin...Really good restaurant that is tragically empty on a regular basis...I give them props for being able to convert a Kinkos into a beautiful place...but it's tough to compete with Japonica around the corner on a night to night basis...If you're interested in a tasty (albeit pricy) Japanese meal without too much rice or sushi...check it out before it closes down.  If you want sushi, however, there‚Äôs' no point going anywhere else but Japonica.  
*Expect in the coming weeks my CentralVillage Restaurant Awards...Since my neighborhood is literally defined by the Zagat listing, "Central Village/NoHo", I feel it'd be a good idea to recognize.  Hopefully this won't go the way of CentralVillage Radio (Too much $$$...maybe someday tho)  
*Tomorrow night I'm gonna swing over to Lit after work and finally check out Morning Theft...I suggest everybody do the same.
*Wednesday is gonna be big...Elefant, The Bravery, and Elkland are all playing at Bowery Ballroom...Can't wait...all three bands are class, as the Irish say...It'll be a hell of a time, so don't miss it.  
*Thursday is a good friend of mine's I'll be doing something...Would love to check out Hope of the States, but as amazing as they are, and as much buzz as I've been hearing, chances are the birthday boy will prefer something that one is up in the air as of now. 
It's annoying to get to (fake info works), but check out the video for "The Red, The White, The Black, The Blue"...absolutely unreal...These guys may be the next Muse...or the next Smashing Pumpkins
*Friday is StellaStarr*, The Yeah Yeah Yeah's, and Devo at Summerstage...Looks like they're predicting thunderstorms, however, and after a long week, I might just put the tix up on Craigslist and try to break even...Stellastarr is the main attraction for me, and I just saw them last week...this one is still open for debate.  
All this, plus we're one short in my department at work, so I'm gonna be working like crazy to compensate...thankfully, I've got a wide open weekend to look forward to.


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