Monday, July 05, 2004

I'm out...

In about 2 hours i'm gonna take off for JFK...and go to London...Don't really have much else to say...I'll be gone for a week...on my first real vacation by myself...get away for a week...its well overdue. I'm planing on seeing Feist and Q-tip in London, then going to the Oxegen Festival next weekend. A couple parting notes:

*Been listening to Frou Frou...She/they rock. Know nothing about them, but Steve and Asa both reccomended them...just burned their CD off Real Rhapsody to throw on my Ipod for the trip.

*On the Female Tip...Rachael Yamagata and Leslie Feist are must buys. Feist may not be out in the US yet, but when she is, pick up a copy.

*Also starting to listen to Elkland...opening for Elefant in a few weeks...They are really good as well...playing a Sunday Matinee show at Rothko next weekend...with none other than The Bravery...check it out if you got the free afternoon and are looking for something to do...

*Something else this week I was sorry I was missing...can't think of it now...but I'm sure you'll hear about is somewhere else if it was that important.

*Thats it...I'll be checking my e-mail whenever I get a chance...and maybe throw up a quick post if I have a minute...I'll be back in New York in one week.


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