Thursday, July 01, 2004

Another Slow Day at Work...

Kinda bored...looking forward to tonight...The Bravery is playing a coverless show at Bar 13 tonight...represent CentralVillage to the fullest...with an open bar from 11-12. There is no excuse you shouldn't be there to hear them out. They are a lot of fun to watch, play great music...and it's all very very free. Freeer than free, as a matter of fact. Just make sure to mention the name "Michael T", or "Jess" if you want the open bar...That's how it works. Never seen a band play at 13 before to be honest...kinda curious how they set it doubt they'll do it right...usually a fun spot to hang out...extra bonus cause it's in my jurisdiction.

Here are a couple MP3s off their site again...and below that is another craptastic cameraphone shot from last night. Eat it up.

The Bravery:
Honest Mistake
No Breaks

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