Friday, July 16, 2004

La Vie... posting formats...

First off...I read a blind item in last week's NME I couldn't figure out: 

WHICH member of a mid-table New York Indie Band's ego has swollen so much that he insists on champagne and gak before he'll even contemplate taking to the stage?
The Strokes are too big to be called "mid-table"...and nobody else I can think of is big enough to develop thoese kind of issues...Any ideas? 

Anyway...busy weekend coming up...  

  • Tomorrow @ Don Hill's The Nuclear Family is gonna perform in honor of Vito Fun's birthday...come on out and celebrate...great, intelligent hip hop and a guaranteed good time...$5 at the door.  Nukfam is The Wu-Tang of park slope...a crew of smart, well rounded rappers from Brooklyn who always throw a hell of a party.  Check them out if you're looking for something will not be disappointed.
  • Saturday is Siren...whose lineup speaks for itself...If you've been meaning to head down to Coney Island, this is the day to do it...Looking forward myself to Fiery Furnaces, TV on the Radio, and Blonde Redhead...but all the bands are solid...and its free...what's your excuse NOT to go?  Everyone will be there...Afterparty TBD...Open to suggestions.
  • Sunday is the New Ali G's and Entourage...which I'd dismiss as trash if it wasn't on HBO...everybody should give it a worst its a trashy FOX show with best its a new classic...worth a half hour of my life indeed.
  • Next Wednesday is a show not to be missed...Elefant we've all heard of...Great Great New York band...but that fact that they are being supported by Elkland and The Bravery elevate this to must see status...The Bravery NEED a large stage to really shine I think...It's tough to pull off all those moves in the back corner of Bar 13...Elkland sounds great from what I've heard...been wanting to see them for a while now.  Get tickets before they're all gone...The show should sell out (If it hasn't already...)
  • Finally, tickets for Modest Mouse and The Killers both went on sale Thursday...Don't miss a chance to see these two great bands show their shit off in New York.  The Killers show in London was probably the overall highlight of my trip last week, and they are not to be missed.  Modest Mouse speaks for itself. 
  • UPDATE: Ticketmaster and Clear Channel jack up the price of the Modest Mouse tickets from $24.50 (some say a modest price...) to an aubsurd $35.00...thats a 45% jump!  No wonder nobody's going to concerts this summer...these guys should be ashamed of themselves.

That's it for now I ready for another vacation already,


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