Thursday, July 22, 2004


because I'm fucking exhausted, but I've seen some great music the last couple nights.

*So glad I got out and went to see Morning Theft last night. Despite having to deal with depths of Lit, they played a really solid set. Y'all should go check them out next time they're around...If anyone's in Boston tomorrow night, they're playing some club with Asobi Seksu...check out the details on their website.

*Tonight I saw Elefant with Elkland and The Bravery...First off, let me say how impressed I was with the Elkland set. These guys sound like pros. One of the tightest opening bands I've ever heard. The song on their website (Here) is great, but not representative of the rest of their music. They rock a serious Smiths vibe...and pull it off flawlessly. Apparently they are signed to Columbia Records, and are supporting Elefant on their upcoming tour with Ambulance Ltd. Keep an eye out for them, cause they are the real deal.

*They actually made The Bravery, who came on after them, look pretty rough. I'm still a big fan, but I'm starting to develop a couple of annoyances with them...that's a discussion for another time, however. I still think the little set they did at Bar 13 a few weeks ago was them at their best, but they've got a long way to go to live up to the hype surrounding them. I continue to look forward to watching them grow.

*Finally, Elefant. They longer Stellastarr*...the most underrated New York band right now...are they even from New York? I have no idea...that’s how little buzz there is about them. They are GREAT! Love every song they play. Played a couple new ones which, as my buddy Steve pointed out, are a bit heavier than their other stuff, but sounded excellent. My highlight was the second new one they played that started out kinda dull, but picked up into this bombastic opera-esque frenzy that had me completely floored. I dunno if they have a new album coming out or whatever, but I will keep an eye out. Overall, a great night of music.

*One more thing...Time Out New York has rated all the NY music venues in this week's issue...and from a quick glance, no big surprises. I'll try and remember to post some of the ratings tomorrow. Gotta goto bed now.


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