Monday, July 26, 2004

Fuck the Post

Via Curbed, from the NYPost:

Q: I say that I live in "Greenwich Village," but was recently told that I live in the "West Village." Is that right? I moved here a few months ago and don't want to sound like a tourist.

A: "The Village" is the area between 14th Street and Houston Street (north to south) and Lafayette Street and the Hudson River (east to west). Once you cross Sixth Avenue, you can amend it to the "West Village" to be more accurate (though if you don't say it, you're not technically wrong). If you live east of Lafayette Street you must say "East Village" to be correct. But do avoid saying that you live in "Greenwich Village." Even if you pronounce it properly (that's Nitch not Witch!) you'll be pegged as a tourist.

Um, first off...fuck it whatever you want. If you're living here, and somebody pegs you for a tourist for saying you live in Greenwich Village, feel free to tell them to go fuck themselves, stop reading the Post, and head back to whatever suburb, outer boro, or uptown shitbox they came from. I've lived in Greenwich Village for 23 years...and I'm only 22 years me a tourist, Jane. If it was good enough for Mark Twain, Jackson Pollock, Jack Kerouac, and Allen Ginsberg, it's good enough for me. If you don't like it, then you're not welcome here.


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