Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Scissor Sisters

Their self titled album dropped in the states today, and everybody should go pick it up...unrelentlessly catchy...And still up there for one of the best albums of the year IMO...They are a 3/5's gay New York band that are HUGE in England...They have the #1 record in the UK, and blew out the main stages at Glastonbury and Oxegen last month. They also lay claim to, no joke, arguably one of the greatest covers of all time: Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb." Now they are ready to blow up in the US. Was lucky enough to see them play at Bowery Ballroom a few months ago, and if you're not going to Curiosa, Head to PS1 and check them out Saturday...you'll regret missing Muse and Interpol...but at least you'll have something fun to talk about at work on Monday. Also, you can see them perform for free Friday afternoon at Tower Records in NoHo. They won't be back in NYC for a while, so do what you can to catch a glimpse before they head back onto their world tour.

Update: I forgot to mention their other stellar cover...Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out"...Have a listen HERE courtesy of Scenestars.


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