Thursday, October 14, 2004


Began the night at WD-50 with the the Hamachi and pear appetizer (I think), then the rack of lamb and some sort of rich chocolate creamy dessert deliciousness. A good meal. I little too experimental for my tastes...but I'd go back for the 12(!) course tasting menu perhaps.

From there I went home briefly to watch a bit of the debate, then headed over to Plaid around 9:30 to catch Elkland. Was surprised to see a line outside...not really sure what to expect. Lemme start off by saying Plaid was a perfectly suitable venue...The drinks are cheap and the setup was good. Despite my previous reservations about the place, I was impressed. I got in around 9:45 pleasantly surprised to see Pitty Sing finishing up their set with one of their two songs I know, Radio. Apparently they have an issue with setting up and breaking down their equipment...they take wayy too long and it holds up the whole night. For a set like this where there are 4 other bands waiting to get on, and people are trying to jump all around Lower Manhattan to catch various acts at specific times, this is pretty unacceptable. While it benefited me and my late coming friends, prolly screwed over many more people.

Elkland came on at around 10:15-ish I guess...don't actually remember, but it was kinda late. Lemme say flat-out I love this band, and I wish and expect all the greatest of successes in the future. That being said, their set last night was a bit of a disappointment compared to the phenomenal opening they did for Elefant. I blame it on the sound at Plaid, which, while isn't completely bad, tended to drown out vocals, and I think Elkland's strongest aspect is the lead singer's voice. So while they were good, it was nothing compared to them on the stage at Bowery a few months ago. I rest assured knowing they'll be playing bigger venues with better sound in the very near future.

After them was The Bravery, who I felt had alot to prove tonight...Since I last saw them at that same Elefant show, which was by all accounts a pretty weak set for them, they've signed a major record deal, and been on tour across the country. This weekend is a little stopover before they head out to London and the rest of Europe, which will likely make or break them. I've always said that these guys have all the elements needed, but they just need to keep improving. Well after a few months of slowly slipping off the bandwagon, I’m officially back on...These guys are the real deal, and sounded 35675 times better than they did the last time I saw them. The music was tighter, the vocals were more consistent and just stronger overall. The exaggerated stage moves, while still there, have been toned down to the point where they no longer interfere with the way the band plays. You can say what you will about the boy-band qualities (good and bad) of Sam Endicott and Co., and they will have their critics no doubt, but their songs are catchy as hell, and they seemed to have straightened their shit out a lot. Well done.

Lemme interrupt this to say that I just read The Zutons are officially opening for Muse at Webster Hall...and tickets are somehow still available! I'm not the biggest Zuton fan out there, but come on...Muse sold out 2 shows in a weekend in buddy, and former Webster Hall neighbor, Steve, is shitting himself for missing out, meanwhile there's one show in New York, and one of the hottest bands in England are opening for them, and we can't fill the place? Unreal. No doubt it WILL sell out sooner or later, so get your tickets now. Jimmy Eat World, with Razorlight and Gratitude are playing there the night before, is also not yet sold out. Is it perhaps because nobody knows these shows are going on? I feel like if these bands were playing at Irving Plaza, which is only slightly smaller than Webster Hall, they'd sell out in a day. Bowery Presents needs to do a better job promoting these shows I think.

ANYWAY...after The Bravery we headed up to Snitch, Because, while Plaid was fine, it wasn't exactly what we were looking for as a hangout. As much as I wanted to see Arcade Fire, who I hear were superb, I had no hope getting my friends to go all the way downtown and into another show with another cover for another band they’ve never heard. Snitch was a much better draw. First thing I noticed about the place was the 2300 flat screen TVs set up all around the place. ACTUALLY the first thing I noticed was how short the walk was from the Central Village to East Chelsea. It was quite a relief. Anyway, this place was fun, Good music, interesting crowd, the whole deal. Much better place to hang out than plaid at this point in the night. We got there right before The Madison Strays went on, who were pretty good. I see them playing around the city all the time, but have never made it out to their shows. I was glad to have finally caught them.

After that, some of my friends started fading out, and the rest of us stuck around for the beginning of The Bravery's second set. It got real late real fast tho, and I have work today, sooo we called it a night there and walked home. Fun time...looking forward to the rest of the week.


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