Monday, October 11, 2004

Snitch vs. Plaid

I didn't really like the last post all that much...I hate trying to explain a wild weekend story in a paragraph, all the while trying to maintain the dignity of the parties it always comes off lame. Moving on...

Wednesday night, as I've previously mentioned, it's my birfday...and after slacking on every party opportunity I've thought of, 2 interesting options have fallen into my lap...nether is perfect, but both would be fun...Here are the pros and cons:

$10 Cover
8:00PM -The Brake Up
8:45PM -Pity Sing
10:15PM -The Bravery
11:00PM -The Fame

*is stumbling distance from my Apt.
*Friends live in the area too.
*Rob Holmes from Morning Theft is DJing.
*UPDATE:Rob offers to provide a drink ticket or two.
*Early enough to prolly still make Arcade Fire at Mercury @ 1 AM.
*$10 cover...Snitch cheaper
*I'm not a huge fan of Pity Sing...Bravery's playing both, and I dont know the other bands
*It's fucking Plaid...

$5 Cover
11pm - Apartment
12am - the Madison Strays


*Cheaper ($5 vs. $10)
*All three bands I'd like to check out
*Haven't been to snitch yet...gotta check it out sooner or later
*Open Bar from 10-11 (apparently)
*None of the bands are must see.
*Chelsea? That's a long walk there and a cab home...
*Same inconvenience for friends in the CV and EV.
*I miss Elkland every time they play in the city...don't want to again.

So there it is...We'll see...actually a very tough choice.


At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's an easy decision.

"Early enough to prolly still make Arcade Fire at Mercury @ 1 AM."

that's the key right there. Plaid it is. :)



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