Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Ya heard???

Some MP3's I've come across recently...

First, The Scissor Sisters and Kylie collaborated for a brand new dancey dreamy masterpiece. Good stuff. (via fluxblog)

Kylie Minogue & The Scissor Sisters - I Believe In You

Via my new favorite blog of the moment, Torr...Two things...

*I'm digging Pitty Sing more and more these days...Really remember not enjoying them at Rothko, but I'm excited to give them another chance tonight. Here's one of the songs off their new EP...

Pitty Sing - We're on Drugs

*Also, he pointed me in the direction of, which is hosting 6 different covers of Morrissey's "Please Please Please let me get what I want"...Including the version off the "Not Another Teen Movie" soundtrack by none other than Muse. I love that movie, and now I love it even more. I had no idea. Get'um before they're gone.

Finally...Via Jeddeth, Here's recent live cover from Rilo Kiley. Sounds pretty good. Enjoy!

Rilo Kiley - Such Great Heights


At 9:39 AM, Blogger emla said...

Thanks for posting that Kylie & Scissor Sisters song. I really enjoy your blog!


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