Thursday, October 14, 2004

Is anybody gonna be there?

I can totally picture walking into Webster Hall tonight for the DDIHC/Music/HOTS concert and it being totally empty...I mean like 40 people there. I had this feeling last night I had no idea if Plaid would be overflowing with heads or completely barren. Thankfully it was the former. Tonight I'm not that hopeful.

I honestly don't think this town knows what they're missing. I know there's a lot of stuff going on tonight, but this may be the best show going down all week. I'm afraid it'll fall into that black hole of Webster Hall...where the best bands in the world come to go unnoticed. I hope I am proven wrong, but I just have a baaaad feeling about this one.

Oh, on a separate note, it looks like These Girls are gonna be making Wednesdays at Snitch a weekly thing. I say yay. As long as the bands keep coming and the cover stays low, it's the place to be. Respect.


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