Monday, October 18, 2004

Just because you're leaving, doesn't mean I'm letting you go...

The OC marketing campaign is in full swing! I remember a time about a month ago when any mention of the show would get me there's an ad every two minutes on Fox...and I'm about ready to start back up. Tuesday this week the DVD set of the first season is coming out...Can't wait.

Last Thursday, after swinging by Coolfer's happy hour and meeting some very nice people, I came back up to Webster Hall for the show which, in hindsight, became the capper of an exhausting two weeks of almost continuous live music for me.

I got there in time to catch a good chunk of Dogs Die in Hot Cars, who of course I adore. They're so much fun live...I don't get the critics. Last time I saw them there were about 25 people at Rothko who all looked confused. I was happy to see a fairly large crowd out this time to check them out.

After them came The Music, who I enjoyed, but am not completely sold on. I kinda think all their songs sound the same...It's a good sound, don't get me wrong...but it kinda wore old on me. Whatever.

Hope of the States came on after and were fucking unreal. I was floored by their live show...Think Muse, with a dab of Smashing Pumpkins (especially the vocals). During the performance, they had these cryptic videos rolling on the screen behind them showing scenes of war and tyranny and all sorts of bad stuff like that. It was sort of surreal. use of a violin I've heard in a while. It completely brings those songs together. Go see these guys next time they're around. So good.

The rest of the weekend I kinda played it chill...Went out with friends both nights, but no more shows for me. Actually that's not true. I saw a band called King of France play a brief set on Friday night. The lead singer is a friend of a friend, and they played the theatre after Adam Rapp's new play, Finer Noble Gasses. They were actually really really good. I forget the lead singer's name, but he had such a perfect amazing voice. Picture Shawn Christensen from Stellastarr*, but folkier and more chilled out...That make sense? I dunno what their deal is, but I'd go out of my way to go see them again. Hopefully I'll get around to seeing the play sometime this week too.

Should be a chill week otherwise. I'm gonna go out to see Golden Republic and Sondre Lerche at Southpaw Tuesday night, and maybe maybe I'll get to goto The Stella show there the night after, but it's a pricy ticket, and I gotta start saving up again. Good cause tho...we'll see.


At 2:48 PM, Blogger Paige said...

I totally agree with the OC thing, I have a mini-freak out every time I see the promos on TV. Hell, I am booking November 4th off work!!

Oh, and you have a FABULOUS taste in music, btw.

At 5:28 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

I honestly cannot wait. Is Canada still gonna get it a few days before us? That made me jealous.


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