Friday, October 22, 2004

Adventures In Disposable Income...

I looked at my checking account online yesterday at work, wondered why my landlord hadn't deposited my rent check yet...

Except he had.

So without going too deep into my fiscal details, I realized I had a lot more money than I thought I did. It was like finding $20 in your coat pocket. Times 100. Literally.

Best feeling in the world.

First thing I did was get tickets to Lali Puna and Moveable Hype. That was easy.

Went to the Megastore after work and bought the new Ted Leo and the new Elliot Smith. Have been listening to Shake the Sheets on Rhapsody for a while now, and absolutly love it. Needed to make it official. I've seen him this year at two free shows and, frankly, he deserves more from me. Great album. Haven't listened to the Elliot Smith yet, but have heard only terrific things.

The director of the documentary Union Square was also selling DVDs of his movie in, um, Union Square for $10. I had really wanted to see it. Got to talk to the guy for a minute...pretty interesting stuff. This movie is about the unseen, homeless, herion-addicted underbelly of the Central Village. I'll post a full review when I get around to watching.

I went home, ordered in, and pretty much chilled out all night. Nice.


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