Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A productive day.

I should stay home from work more often.

It was nice. I got my Spiegelman print framed, set up a savings account, bought the OC Season one (21 jump street didn't come in) and even got a lil clothes shopping in while I was out. The rest of the day I spent playing the new Grand Theft Auto game. Right now I'm chilling out...watching a few episodes of the OC, catching up on the internet...

Lemme say real quick that GTA is fucking phenomenal. I don't really play videogames that much anymore, but this is something else. If you got a PS2 gathering dust and a spare $50, look no further. Great early 90's soundtrack as well. Rod Stewart's Young Turks, Lench Mob's Gorillas in the Mist and BBD's Poison are the best so far.

So there are actually two new iPods out today. Nether, honestly, make me regret getting my new one a few months back. I don't take enough pictures for that one to be worth it, and the U2 one is cool, but it's nothing special for me.

I've got growing concerns regarding this New Years concert. Nate's comment below regarding last years show kinda went with my worries. I mean...I can't see this show selling more than 10,000 tickets on a regular night (and that's a stretch)...and on New Years people have other plans. I'd love to go, but realistically there's no chance I'll be able to convince any of my friends to come along. I hope it all works out, but I’m nervous.

Love him or hate him...Eminem knows how to make a scene. I happen to really like his stuff, and this new video is no exception. Nice to see he's finally putting his influence towards a worthy cause. Too bad 15 year old boys can't vote.

I'm really excited for Blonde Redhead tomorrow night. Missed them regrettably at Siren. Tickets are still available.

Tickets are back on sale for both the previously sold out Jimmy Eat World and the Muse shows at Webster Hall next month...Get um before they're gone!

Um, that's about it. I really wish they put the OC on DVD earlier, so that I could get through the whole season before next Thursday...Not to say I won't try...


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