Friday, October 29, 2004

Remember yesterday when I was talking about Miniature Elephants?

Well today I'm talking about Elefant on a miniature stage. Kinda. According to Brooklyn Vegan, and Confirmed by their official website, Elefant will be playing a relatively secret show at Mercury Lounge next Wednesday at 7:30. With typical Elefant modesty, they warn you to get there very early, cause the place'll fill up fast.

I've read that there are plans to re-release 'Sunlight...' on a new label, and try to market them on a more mainstream level. I'm a fan of these guys...tho I'm getting kind of sick of the same 10 tracks. What happened to those new songs they broke out at Bowery? They were really good. Are they ever gonna get recorded? Anyway, I think it's possible to get them over on the masses if done properly. Is calling them a mix of the Strokes and Interpol too easy a cop out? Absolutely. But I'm sure that's how many will see if it sells, it sells.


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